Stupid dagger is ruining my life..Interpreter needed


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Brandy pins her notice to the boards. It's written in an elvish script but the langage is common. She reads it and appears satisfied before walking away.

Do blades have a language? Does mine?

Every day my dagger becomes less and less sane. Someone is going to get hurt If I don't do something. I can't give it away I can't leave it at home. It becomes less and less interested in obeying me.


one weapons shrink​

thanks muchly in advance. Brandy

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*Nicholaus would be making his way through the Tavern, and he just happens to glance in the direction of the boards, and he literally double takes, and slows to a stop....*

*He reads it once, twice, then three other times and starts to chuckle to himself.*

. o O ( Is this person serious?? )

*He reaches into a shadow, and retrieves a quill, and jots down.*

"Brandy, perhaps you should ask around for a Nicholaus Dennoncourt, he's a specialist when it comes to reading... things. He helped me! No jest!"


A Helpful Person.

*Nich smirks, and puts his quill back into said shadow, then picks up where he left off. Walking.*


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*tacked up beneath Nich's jottings on a slip of parchment*
"yeah, that one's 'helpful' if you like dead things with fangs!
Maybe my Mistress will find you, she knows who you are, and if your dagger does have a mind she can work with it.
Don't get bit!"
*beneath that is scrawled a stylized* "M"


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*a person stops and glances at the boards and then notices this note in particular*

yes, blades do have thier own language, but it usually is spoken telepathically to the wielder. on some occassions, the blade can verbally speak and then, its usually in the tongue of the person forging it. also as a side note..the telepathic language matches that of the wielder, not the creator..another thing you have to be careful with as well is if the blade is good, evil, or really doesnt give a crap either way. the reason for this is because the enchanted blade can be difficult to wield and control if it has a mind of its own..for further contact, look for me, Thezdemeus


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Brandia stands before the board and reads. She skips over Nic's post and barks a laugh. "HUH.. as if! Bl**dy crypt breaths get everywhere" she nods to each of the remarks there after that echo her sentiments. "Yeah yeah guys I know It ..I'm not wet behind the ears..still nice warnings" she rubs her head through its mass of gold curls and then reads on.

"hmmm someone called M has a mistress..nice but not useful..Jv likes bad jokes...another comedian who didn't sign......ah.. at last something usefull.."
Brandia frowns a bit and then takes out a stub of pencil to add a few words.

Just about the only noise he's ever made is a wierd sort of buzz. He gives me emotions but not telepathic language. I think yer should meet him I'll be coming to the tavern tonight.Look out for a Grugach.. and If yer don't know what that is think Sylvian lose an inch or two and add prettier that'll be me

Brandy chuckles at her Mac like vanity and adds

thanks sugar..looking forward to our meet..

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