Successful Coup. Nat 20 Now owned by RangerWickett

With the untimely poisoning of Morrus, I now control the company. Future bribes should be mailed directly to me, and if I like you, I'll send you the book you ask for.

On the up side, since we can't sell Wild Spellcraft anymore, I'm going to be giving it away free. A free copy to the first person who asks for one!

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Cool. I'll email you to discuss how I should deliver it to you. It works best if you have AIM or ICQ, so I can just do a file transfer, since I can't fit the whole pdf file into an email.

David McKee

First Post

I'm enjoying Wild Spellcraft. The mishap tables in particular are great. I'm reminded a bit of the old Jester NPC from dragon magazine with his occasional ability to control the wand of wonder.

Good stuff. Thanks again!


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