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Suggestions for connected themes


So, I'm currently running Princes of the Apocalypse. We're maybe a third through it so far, so its end is likely fairly far into the future, but I like to plan ahead so I can let ideas stew in my mind for a bit.

Right now, I have this vague idea that I want the next campaign to feature some sort of multi-stage quest where each stage has a different theme, but part of a greater whole. Think something like the different temples and their surroundings from Ocarina of Time. The usual go-to in situations like this are elements but, well, we're sort of doing that already.

So I'm trying to think of some themes that can make sense other than elements. I'm thinking the ideal number of stages is about four to seven - for example, if I was doing this in Eberron I could make it work with the Five Nations, but probably not with the Twelve Dragonmarks (although I'm currently thinking about building the setting around the campaign rather than use a pre-designed setting).

Some ideas I already have:

Alignments (nine are too many, but I can work with the four cardinal ones)
Domains (as in cleric domains)
Deadly Sins
Terrains (risks being pretty close to elements though)

Any other ideas?

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