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Release Suldokar's Wake Core Arc Omnibus (from the creator of Whitehack) now available as HC or PDF



I figured I'd let you know as per the title, since there was some interest in Whitehack here.

Suldokar’s Wake is a science fiction role-playing game set in the far future of an ancient world. The player characters are capable individuals, drawn into the unfolding events of an alien invasion. This is is the hail-of-bullets, solid hologram, sentient storm kind of science fiction, where resources are scarce, high-tech items are old and worn and any hero worth her salt will have a few implants to up her chances. It is a broad scope game that alternates monster fighting and techno-scavenging with mystery, faction wars and exploration. The game is released as a periodical, but there is now also an omnibus collecting the first four issues, called the Core Arc, into one volume.

The game is similar to Whitehack in some respects. For example, Whitehack classes, attributes and groups correspond fairly well to Suldokar’s Wake types, stacks and keywords. But in other ways, the games are antithetical. Whitehack is a lot about player influence and world building, while Suldokar’s Wake is more about pre-written adventures and hard coded content. Keeping this in mind, and with a bit of ingenuity, you can swap rules and content between the games. If you like, you may also run the setting and the adventures using Whitehack.

The release announcement is here:

Buy links are here:


There is also a lot more to read on the above wordpress site!



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