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Sunday PM: Dying at St Margaret (Trail of Cthulhu) (Full -- Accepting Alts)


Ever play a Call of Cthulhu scenario where you defeat the Mythos creature, shoot the cultists, or generally 'win' and think "That’s not how Lovecraft would have done it!"? There would be no guns, they wouldn’t help, and you’d look into the abyss and see something that destroys your understanding of reality. You wouldn’t go nicely insane; you wouldn’t die a blaze of glory. You would realize that the Mythos is so far beyond humanity that your role in the universe is insignificant; your life is pointless.

So, who wants to play something that dark? You do if you sign up for this!

This Trail of Cthulhu game is dark and anti-climatic. Don’t expect any combat. Don’t expect to win. Don’t expect to go mad. The Mythos doesn’t conform to expectations and is not nice. Expect to go out with a whimper.

If you're not scared off yet and want to know the set-up, here you go:

It's 1935. A good friend of yours disappeared earlier this year while investigating the Scottish island of St. Margaret. You have decided to look into it. You'll go undercover, joining the faculty of the girls' school on the island. From this noble beginning shall the tragedy flow.

Journey to the edge of insanity. Have a pleasant trip. Antidepressants not included, but strongly recommended.

1. Patience
2. GeeksDreamGirl
3. Cassander
4. Frai
5. Jasmine

Waitlist / Alternates:
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Dang, I'd love to try ToC but both my PM slots are already spoken for. Such is the way with game days, I suppose. If there's any chance of an AM slot game, I'd be there for sure.


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I'd love to play!

This scenario sounds like perfectly-pitched Lovecraftian horror, and I'm a CoC junkie who's just moved to Trail of Cthulhu/Esoterrorists. I picked up the game at GenCon but have been looking for someone with a solid grasp of the Gumshoe system to teach me how to play and run it.

If you're on twitter and like talking Cthulhu, I'm [MENTION=29680]celeloriel[/MENTION] over there.

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