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D&D 5E "Sundering" in the Athaspace.

I was thinking about how would be a reboot of DS, and how this should be according to my own tastes.

Adding too many changes to the previous changes to the previous continuity could cause a "jumping the shark" effect, but I take the risk because we have nothing to lose.

The event started because some supreme power wanted to use the Athaspace like the cosmic equivalent to a nuclear graveyard in the space-continium time. Then new worlds were sent to the Athaspace, isolated where these couldn't cause more damage in the rest of the multiverse, for example one of them would be destroyed by the sheens, biomechanical horrors.

Other group, with some time dragons and chronomancers, tried to fix this complete disaster, and relatively they saved the day, but the troubles are really far to have ended.

This has caused a total reboot of the timeline of Athas, among other reasons because there was a merger with other world (and maybe more).

Here some changes:

The disaster of the brown tide what caused the end of the blue age was not totally an accident but mainly a sabotage. It was was part of a conspirancy against the patriarch Oceanus, lord of the seas and supreme authority in the Athasian pantheon. The good new is for the brown tide lots of sea species were saved and sent to other planes within the Athaspace, with the hope of repair the damage to the sea disaster. The bad new is the brown tide created a new type of monsters, mixture of plant and construct, using the sea creatures as raw material, and later started to attack the civiliation in the surface.

The change to the Green Age really was a complete evacuation or exodus toward a second planet within the Athaspace.

For the blue age the rest of the Athaspace was explored and settled. There were several attempts to try the cleaning of the zones within the Feywild tainted by the impact of the Brown Tide.

In the end of the blue age signs of "interferences" by chronomancers started to appear. Theorically Rajaat is killed, but as if it was totally useless. Several cults talking in the name of Rajaat as a god get ready to start the cleasing war. The good new is lots of no-halfling population could be evacuated to other zones in the Athaspace, but the bad new is Raajatian cults created biological weapons to be used against no-halflings, or at least halflings could survive these epidemic more easily. The cleasing war was very short, but enough to cause the colapse of the previous civilitation. The defiler magic caused serious damages against the biotechnology by the rhusliti.

Suggested changes:

- Tablelands are bigger, the equivalent to Northamerica. The Deadlands can be explored, but the hunt and flora have mutated and it can't be eaten by the ordinary mortals.

- There are also vrusks and fraals, but these usually are hidden. ( species from d20 Future).

- Biotech is not totally lost, but only some pieces are allowed to the free citizens (usually about medic help).

- Sorcerer-kings would rather feudal vassals instead slaves, and harder works are done with help of biotech, for example with exo-suits. Oficially most of people in forced works are criminals or people who couldn't pay their debts. Really the most of workers are relatively voluntary, hoping with the reward of reincarnated into a better body. The supreme "reincarnation" is the elan, among the noble houses. It is not because mercy, but because deception is more practical than the menaces. Really the hardest works are for sentient constructs and undead. Some "criminals" are punished to be working under the mind-control plant-parasite (a variant of yellow creeper musk). Others are "simulacrum", souless constructs created by the feys to replace humanoid children, at least this is the official version.

Other slaves suffer the wicked version of biotech transhumanism. Their memories are saved into a "soul stone" and implated into a new body. Lots of criminals are slaves suffering a foced reincarnated. The wicked one happens when some convicts are really innocent, being punished for a crime they did not commit, being their memories altered, when the true guilty used them as decody or scape goats.

- The city-states are "arcologies" ( = super-skycrappers) built for the blue age.

- The most of times the fights in the gladiators arena among sentient creatures are not with lethal damage, but with illusory effects to fake deaths. There are also monks/martial artists and martial adepts. Other times they are fights against creatures created by lifeshape craft for test.

- There are crusaders(martial adepts) as templars. And sorcerers casting primal magic instead arcane. Preserver spellcaster can spend psionic powers to replace arcane spell slots. Alchemy allow arcane-magic effects.

In some wild zones there are totemist shamans using incarnum soulmelds, and wordshipping special creatures as totem spirits.

There are paladins whose divine powers don't need faith in any deity. Oficially only templars are allowed to be paladins.

- The Athasian Feywild("Land within the Wind") suffered the ecological damage by the defiler magic but the life is recovering faster. Lots of times creatures from Feywild appear in the material plane accidentally by fault of "holes" in the planar barriers.

- Sorcerer-kings really worry about to recover and improve the lifeshape craft, and the "caste of the harupex" with their genetic experiments have recreated lots of new lineages (some times the test subjects were voluntaries who need by healed for some dangerous mutation).

- Planar Gates toward the Grey are possible, and some times there are expeditions to go to a special layer with zones covered by water + brown tide. But this water needs special treatment to be drinkable by means of special machines of lifeshape craft.

- One of the main reasons of the isolation of Athas is the Gith empire around the Athaspace.

- Usually the spinewyrms are no-sensient creatures, but some times this is only a cover, hidding their own secrets.

- Even when there are means to survive without water or food there is a psycological need to relief stress and recover sanity. Some living construsts (psiforged or shardminds) need food and water because they "wear" an "exosuit" of living tissue to infiltrate among the rest of humanoids and this has got ordinary biological needs.

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