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D&D 5E Ungodly Heaths (Dark Sun spiritual successor)

I was thinking about how could be possible the return of DS when this does not fit current standards and how to find the right balance between coherence with the previous lore and the gameplay flexibility.

I have sound a possible solution where the Athasian Tablelands are within a bigger pack. This allows to keep the continuity of the novels (Pentad Prism or the Tribe of One) but also an opened door to can use crunch from other sources.

The "Crimson Sphere" is like a cluster of demiplanes, or parallel wildspaces (whose name is "time spheres"). The first layer could be visited and explored from the material plane or astral sea.

Some "time spheres" are like variants of Jackandor and the domains of "Hollow Word(Mystara)"

Living constructs can be playable species, but there is a little "loophole". There is several plagues of "elemental fungus" and the constructs can be affected. Then the living constructs need to "eat and drink" in the sense they have to consume organic substances as medicine against that "elemental infection".

There are some undeads, but it is not so normal, and more times the souls or dead bodies of sentient beings could become elemental monsters.

The Athasian tablelands included but in a remote section. The king-sorcerers dead in the novels are alive again, but in a different layer, something style "mirror universe" working like an "afterlife".

According certain theories the "Crimson Sphere" is a mixture of quarantine zone, firewall and radioactive cemetery but also like a punishment zone or penicentary colony, working like the wall of the faithless in Forgotten Realms. The souls living in the Crimson Sphere are reincarnation of people who weren't loyal to the deities, or loyal to who lost any titanomachy or pantheon war. Other theory is the crystal spheres are like "backups" in the space-time continium to avoid possible time paradoxes caused by confrotations among different chronomancers' factions (and time dragons' rivality)

Divine magic is possible, but king-sorcerers try to "monopolize". Arcane magic cause defiling or other secondary effects. Some characters can become "ascended" like a lower level of demigod.

Here you are, if you want, you can continue with the classic DS, or this is not touched at allo but you can use the crunch with complete freedom.

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I am thinking about how to creat a spin-off of Dark Sun and now I have got some ideas.

In the Blue Age, before the Brown Tide, some rhulisti, the ancestors of the rhul-thaun, could travel to other places within the same wildspace, and even they could explore and colonize closest wildspaces. Of course the dark point of this is the war between nature-benders and nature-masters continued out of Athas.

They were not the only ones to reach those areas. They were also visited and explored by other sentient species: the fraals, the aleerin(mechalus), sesheyan, t'sa, vrusks.

Later the truth is discovered. They couldn't arrive there thanks their own ways but they were "sent" by the "timeless powers". When they arrived the advanced technology stopped to work in the normal way. It was still possible, but too linked to the psionic powers.

In the "Ungodly Heaths" thanks the warnings and prophecies by the self-proclaimed "oracles of the egregores" planar portals were discovered, and even someones drove to different ages in Athas. Of course some groups tried to avoid the Brown Tide what caused the end of the Blue Age, or the rise of Rajaat and his champions, or the cleasing wars. Teorically they should success.

After several attempts, success and failures the chrononauts started to understand: They didn't traveled to the original Athas, but toward a "Dreamhollow", a "mirror universe" created by the collective memory within the Dream plane. Their efforts weren't really useless, but they could start from zero and create a new timeline where several species could avoid the exctintion.

But these "Dreamhollow" wasn't an utopy at all. These new Athas had got blue oceans, but soon these were the battlefield of new alien factions, the noble tritons and the aboleths.

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