Supers! Revised Edition


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SUPERS! Revised Edition has launched on RPGNow! We took the original rules and updated them to include:
  • Updated Layout and design for a smooth read
  • Additional Powers and Attributes to improve the Comic Book Experience
  • Boost and Complications can be applied anywhere. Make the Super (hero or villain, we don't judge) that's right for you
  • Unified game mechanics means that you will spend more time at the table than the table of contents.


We think that with the updated rules, revised mechanics, and plenty of game options to turn on or off, Supers is the game that some one can pick up in minutes and play until the pages fall out. You can find it HERE.


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This gem of a game, originally designed by Simon Washbourne, brought me back to superhero gaming with a vengeance. I am an old time Champions player. Although I still owe a great deal to that that grand 'ole dame of superhero RPG's, my gaming needs evolved to the point where I needed something that was as robust but faster in terms of character generation and play. SUPERS! 1st Edition (A.K.A. SUPERS! BLUE) teased me with that possibility. I hope that SUPERS! RED fully delivers on the original promise of the game.

I say "I hope" because I'm one of the co-authors of the RED. Others, therefore, must judge the merits of our work. All I can say is that I was a fan of the game long before I was asked to contribute to the current version of the rules, and I'm excited by all the positive attention that the game has received in the couple of weeks since it's release. I hope it continues to please.

I don't want to fill this space with unwanted posts, but feel free to chime in with any questions you might have. I'm happy to share character write-ups, explain the rules and otherwise talk about my favorite game as long as there is an interest.

Happy gaming!


Greg K

Dragonfly has posted several write-ups of Marvel and DC characters over at and at the Supers! forums. He is even being kind enough to begin writing-up and posting several heroes that I requested in order to see how Supers! handle them.
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I'll toss my hat into the ring and give SUPERS a thumbs up. Character design is relatively simple, but it does provide a number of options for customization, and combat doesn't get bogged down with a lot of dice rolling. As far as support goes, there's a GM Screen and a number of 3rd party releases out, or currently in the works from various publishers.

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