D&D General Supposing D&D is gamist, what does that mean?

Oooh. @clearstream, I like that option C explanation. Would make for a neat system of inventory management too. Different items could have a different dc and the check could be based on different skills as well.

Do you have a climbing kit? Make an athletics dc X check. Do you have parchment? Maybe a knowledge check. So on and so forth. The more esoteric the equipment especially in context (umm, you are travelling over flat plains, why would you have a climbing kit?) modifies the dc.

Gonna steal that for my next campaign.
Another way to spin that is simply that you explain your successes by invoking equipment. PbtA really kind of gives you the system, on a 7-9 your climb requires an inventory slot worth of equipment, on a 10+ you get away without it. A 6- might involve losing your equipment, that sort of thing.

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