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D&D General Survivor 5E Dragons - Gold Dragon Proves its worth!

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I don't debate opinions.
Ok, now I am amazed this lasted all day and I got home in time from work to actually vote after midnight (well, at midnight really ;) ).

Gold Dragon 8 (Went for the GOLD!!! :) )
Silver Dragon 0 (Silver can't WIN but it can come in 2nd.)

Add 1 more kill to the list...
Anyway, since I can't vote until after midnight tonight and this will be over before then, I am happy (oddly proud LOL) to say I got 6 kills in this survivor thread:
  1. Wyvern
  2. Brass Dragon
  3. Copper Dragon
  4. Bronze Dragon
  5. Red Dragon
  6. Blue Dragon
7. Silver Dragon

It was a hard-fought battle, and despite my facetious comments, pretty much all of the contestants were neat. Had things not gotten down to such small numbers for the last two options, I really would've had a hard choice on my hands!

But I'm glad we all agree that the best dragons are metallic ;)

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