Kickstarter Suzerain Legends - Fully Funded in 5 minutes!!!


Suzerain Infomancer
Suzerain Legends Kickstarter
Fully Funded in 5 minutes!!!

Thank You! From MMK and the rest of us here at Savage Mojo, we are immensely grateful to everyone who has supported, shared and pledged to our Suzerain Legends Kickstarter.

If you haven’t visited the Kickstarter yet; don’t miss out on exclusive rewards and early bird offers.

Suzerain Legends

The new edition of MMK's award-winning Suzerain contains the Tempest bestiary, which is based on templates and gives over 15,000 combinations you can apply to any NPC or beastie, each offering unique challenges when encountered. In addition there is a plot-point campaign to introduce your heroes to the Suzerain universe. We feel like it's important for the book to give you an all-in-one experience, including your first campaign.

Armed with a copy of the SWADE rules and Suzerain Legends you'll never get more hours of entertainment from your money.

Bring The Hope, Be The Hero.

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