Kickstarter Suzerain Legends - Many Realms, many adventures, one story!


Suzerain Infomancer
Suzerain is a meta-setting for the Savage Worlds Adventure Edtion game-system, the universe is built up of many mortal realms and even god realms beyond the Veil within the Maelstrom!

A major point of the Suzerain universe is that your characters can travel through many realms, through time, space and beyond! Continue your legend, become a demi-god, bring the hope, be the hero.

We have a mailing list for major news about our upcoming Kickstarter, a Discord where we discuss the setting and games, YouTube where we upload guides, and a Facebook / Twitter / Instagram where we post a lot of fun social stuff!

Attached -- Areana, the face for the Kickstarter. A rad Awakened heroine who we'll be using to show the endless possibilities for you, your characters, and your games!


Savage Mojo
C-Moon#4331 at Discord
Kickstarter coming September 2020. Join our mailing list and get a FREE Shane Hensley adventure


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