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Pathfinder 1E Sword of Valor, Wrath of the Righteous AP Part 2 with your hosts Scotley and MLeibrock


As Vir approaches, it becomes immediately obvious that this "cloud" is in fact a mass of dozens and dozens of swarming Abyssal vermin ravenous
creatures known as Vescavors. An army would be useless against such swarms who are not phased by normal weapons. The prospect of the whole army climbing out of the steep sided gorge to go around is equally unpalatable.

[sblock=Knowledge Planes DC25 check]You realize the swarm blocking the Army's path is unusually large, which implies the presence of a Vescavor queen
nearby. These large monsters typically lie at the heart of an underground complex, where they spend months repeatedly spawning ravenous swarms before exiting the caves to hunt and seek a new lair. When a Vescavor queen is deep in her spawning, the surrounding area becomes inundated with
the swarms, as you are witnessing now. If the queen can be found and slain, the swarms will quickly dissipate, allowing the army to move onward toward Drezen. If...[/sblock]

OOC: Sorry this bit is a bit railroady. If Vir doesn't make the roll to read the hidden text the others can try when you return with the news.

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First Post
Thorn shakes her head. "It'll take days to go around this pass now. We'd have to backtrack...not to mention the terrain up on top is completely exposed. This must be some kind of demonic trap. Swarms of bugs though. Not sure how to fight that. Maybe lure them away somehow..."

Upon hearing the report, Adrian digs deep into the lore of his order. And he discovers the relevant information about this particular demon-kind which he shares with everyone.

Ooc: loremaster for planar lore 26. Everyone read the spoiler above. And sorry for the delay


I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
"if 't be true thither is a queen thither, we should wend and destroy t. Not with paladins, but with stealth and wisdom. What art those bugs capable of? "
Ancient common the little one speaks sounds strange, but it is (barely) understandable. He seems impatient to go. Eager to kill yet another demon.

If there is a queen there, we should go and destroy it. Not with paladins, but with stealth and wisdom. What are those bugs capable of?

"Well, my green friend, they are voracious beasts that will eat anything inside the swarm. And I mean anything. If they latch onto your armor or weapons, arms or heads, they will eat into them and destroy them in seconds." The bard answers even as he readies for the trip. "We should employ stealth rather than strength on this one. Once the queen dies, they should disperse quickly. I strongly suggest you leave behind anything you cannot afford to lose."



"This is a truly frightening situation. I fear that I have little power to face the hoard except a protection spell. A direct assault will lead to sure death. Sounds like we need a way around, underground, so we may face the demon queen directly."

"It will be where the swarms are at the thickest. Probably underground or in some kind of sheltered cave or passage. It may spend months creating swarms unless killed. The swarms are immune to all weapons. Resistant to fire and acid. They are constantly gibbering and can confuse anyone hearing them. And spending time within the swarm along with the normal danger of being eaten and confused can end in madness. The queen is simply big version of swarm constituents - except she can spit acid. And if she marks you, swarms will attack you. Swarms are controlled by the queen and will leave if she is killed"

The bard educates his group.
"Anything not-magical not-adamantine will be destroyed in several heartbeats. I can keep of the madness of their gibbering, but not the bites. We should try to approach in small, non-threatening group and scout if there are any caves nearby. Attack with splash weapons or spells if you have them. Don't even attempt weapons before we meet the queen."

OOC: took advantage of d20PFSRD monster entry - I hope I didn't spoil too much :)
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