D&D 5E T1: The Village of Hommlet (IC)

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OOC: XP time! 2 Giant Toads and 4 Giant Frogs (subbing in as giant toad babies) = 600 XP or 120 XP for each surviving character. This will be noted in the first post of the Rogues Gallery thread.

While extricating Dur'dan's body from the giant toad, the undigested remains of a past victim emerge as well. Mostly small chunks of armor, now useless, but also a decent sized gemstone. Wiping the gore away reveals the transparent purple glint of an amethyst, worth about 100 gp to the right buyer.

With the unpleasant business of killing the sleeping toads and burying Dur'dan out of the way, the moathouse lies ahead. The moat surrounding the ruined keep is shallow and dank. What's left of the drawbridge is lying on the ground, mostly rotted away, though still providing passage into the courtyard. The mostly stone structure has an intact tower in the southwest corner and a crumbled tower in the southeast. The walls are intact, but the entire second level is collapsed in on itself, some parts of it having apparently fallen through to the ground level.




Looking over at the Moat house, Thadeous looks for any obvious signs of guards or habitation.

Turning to the others, "I may be able to send my familiar in to have a look around?"


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Kestrel shrugs, and nods. "If you will. Be careful with it though. A place like this is easy shelter for bandits or creatures to take up residence in."


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"Aye, it would be good to know what we can expect in there," Thain adds. "I doubt that whoever is inside failed to hear the racket of our epic battle with these 'ere toads. We should be proceeding carefully."

With that, the dwarf puts up his shield defensively and slowly walks towards the moathouse, giving Thadeous' familiar enough time to explore and if necessary, warn of nearby threats.


Thadeous looks at the moat house, "The range for my communion with my familiar is probably too far, it is only good for about a hundred feet or so. So we may have to do this the old fashioned way?"

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"Can you send it ahead and learn from it when it returns?" asks Meadowlark innocently. "Or do you need to keep it within 100 feet of you?"


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Kestrel rolls her eyes.

"A hundred feet is a long ways off. I'll scout if you want, but you guys better be closer than that to back me up. I'm not ending up like that other guy."


OOC: @sithramir, are you still with us?

Cheese, the rat, goes scampering off toward the moathouse. Thadeous enters a trance-like state as he channels his own senses through the rat's and sees what it sees and hears what it hears.

The mostly intact tower is full of spider webs and Cheese rather hurriedly exits the tower after something quite large scuttles about in the shadows of the ruined upper portion of the tower.

There appears to be relatively recent tracks in the courtyard near the main entrance. Going around the perimeter, the rat also spots a collapsed section of wall on the east side that, oddly, has deliberately placed stepping stones in the moat leading up to it.

The rat is reluctant to enter the moathouse itself and returns to Thadeous.

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