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Tabletop Adventures is celebrating our sixth anniversary. We invite you to celebrate with us, and are offering a 15% discount on all our electronic products through Wednesday, July 21. You can find them at, Steve Jackson Games' e23, the EN World PDF Store, RPGNow, DriveThruRPG, Your Games Now, and now also (as time permits) at the Dungeon Mastering Marketplace.

Take this opportunity to check out our books of fantasy descriptions: the Bits of Darkness (Dungeons, Caverns and Dungeons II); Bits of the Wilderness (Into the Wildwood, Into the Swamp, Into the Open, and Into the Mountains); the city descriptions in Bits of the Boulevard; Shards of the Heart, our book of creative NPCs; and the Bits of Magicka series of unique magical items (Mystic Writings, Rings and Jewels, and Pocket Items).

If something modern is more in your line, try Against the Darkness, a Vatican horror game. Be one of the few with the power to defend an unknowing humanity against legendary terrors! Already have a favorite horror RPG? Take a look at Halls of Horror, for descriptions to use in any “spooky house.”

For Future settings, see our Destinations products - your gateway to the universe, providing flexible, creative, stat-free settings that you can use to bring life and adventure to virtually any game system. You can also get Into the Future: Derelict Starships, to help make any dead spaceship more lively.

Also included is TTA’s line of unique “on the fly” naming products, the Deck O’ Names. Four different sets are available as both card decks and software, to suit different needs. The original Deck O’ Names provides unusual but reasonable names for fantasy or futuristic characters. Anglo Saxon Places can be used to name towns and other land features and the card version includes runes for an authentic touch. The Modern deck gives a wide variety of ethnic names for present-day RPGs, or futuristic ones that use similar naming conventions. Deck O’ Names: Japanese provides realistic names for Japanese fantasy or anime games, plus additional cultural material such as lucky (or unlucky) names.

We have resources for GMs or players, and support for nearly any fantasy system as well as modern and science-fiction games. So wish us a happy anniversary, and find a gift for yourself!

Tabletop Adventures: Whatever you play, we’ve got your back.

The good people at Tabletop Adventures,
and the Overlord

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