Tabletop Gaming News for Wednesday, 8 May, 2013 [A New D&D Movie; PLUS preview art from ULTIMATE CAM

ENnies: Last Day To Enter!

This is it - today is the last day to submit your products to the 2013 ENnies. Any package with a postmark past May 8th, 2013, will not be accepted. Any e-submission received after May 8th, 2013, will also not be accepted. Get those submissions in so you have a chance and good luck to all! Nominees will be announced on July 14.

Warner Bros. to Make a New D&D Movie

Warner Bros has acquired rights to make a Dungeons & Dragons movie. The script, initially called Chainmail (the tabletop wargame upon which D&D was based in the 1970s) was written by David Leslie Johnson (Wrath of the Titans, Red Riding Hood) and is now being rejiggered to take advantage of the newly acquired license. The production team includes Courtney Solomon - who directed the unpopular 2000 D&D movie starring Jeremy Irons.

Pathfinder RPG News

  • Art Director Sarah Robinson gives a sneak peek at some of the awesome new art from Ultimate Campaign.


Kingdom-building rules allow PCs to control their own country—or be the power behind the throne.


A character's lineage is a chain of characters linking a PC to the history of the campaign setting.

Dungeons & Dragons News

  • Imagining the World by Jon Schindehette -- Let’s take a step back from the details of D&D races and monsters (and more) in favor of seeing the larger picture: the scenic and awe-inspiring elements of the world of Faerûn. Jon starts us on our exploration of the world with a few images and several words.

Boardgaming News

  • On June 15th, Mongoose Publishing is throwing open its doors to hold Star Fleet's Finest 2013, an official tournament for A Call to Arms: Star Fleet. Star Fleet's Finest is a yearly Star Fleet event that pits players against one another in a series of games to decide who is the greatest admiral in the known galaxy!
  • Fantasy Flight Games has announced the availability (for retailers) of their Season 2 Game Night Kits for any of 7 popular game lines. The kit's will feature special promotional bits and extras and should be available for your FLGS to

Community News

  • Player responsibilities - What do you expect from your group? What responsibilities do you expect, or at least feel, players should take on? That's the question Gnome Stew is asking today.
  • Kobold Press presents the Tribal Chieftain template for Pathfinder.
  • Sarah Darkmagic takes a look at middle-ages life expectancy.
  • Four Things You've Never Heard of That Make Encounters Not Suck is the lengthy title of an article by The Angry DM.
  • The Journeyman GM tells us why every campaign should plan for an end. "In my opinion, no campaign should begin without an end in mind. This may sound somewhat strange to gamers who are accustomed to playing games that continue on and on. But I think that without a planned ending, the campaign itself becomes weaker."
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Well, that was fun
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Community News predates the show Community by nearly a decade! So you should be thinking that the show Community is about EN World's Community News! :D
That art is wondrous. I want more pieces like that in gaming books, and fewer "Here's a character/monster leaping through the air about to attack something."


The article by The Angry DM, found under Community News, is a really great read. He shares a number of important insights into encounter design and running, all while using a great deal of humor.

I'll also mention that yesterday was the last day for stores to order the June 15 gameday Vault of the Dracolich (information and links here). If your local store has not ordered it, they should contact their WPN rep as soon as possible to see if any copies remain.