Tabletop Time Roleplay's Actual Play 'Ragtag' Showcases Level Up Advanced 5th Edition

Ragtag is a semi-comical TTRPG actual play campaign for roleplayers who know what's up. They poke fun at tropes endlessly, and skirt around them with characters who've been there, done that, got the postcard, and are now just ready to go home and brew some mead.

Chapter One of Ragtag used DnD 5E, but Chapter Two has "levelled up" and is now using Level Up Advanced 5th Edition for their adventures. All 4 episodes of Rag Tag Chapter One are on Tabletop Time Roleplay for you to catch up, but you do not need to have seen them to enjoy Chapter Two.

The first episode of Chapter Two is available now on the YouTube channel Tabletop Time Roleplay. New episodes will air weekly throughout July.

The Cast & Characters

Ragtag is a lighthearted campaign filmed in chapters centering on the adventures of Hops, a giant Bear-man who is a father first, adventurer second. Reaching middle age, with his children almost grown, he has asked his wife for permission to go on a big adventure, as he has always dreamed of going on one. He travels in search of fabled ingredients required to create the finest honey-mead the material plane has ever tasted. Hops is played by Jennifer, who has been a weekly D&D player for almost a decade and loves big fluffy bears. And mead.

Joining Hops, is his best friend, Rusty. Formerly a heroic adventurer known as the crimson crusader, Rusty is now retired and lives out his days drinking with Hops in the local, quiet tavern. Worried for Hops, Rusty joins him on 'one last adventure' back from retirement, to keep him safe and score the riches they need to open what they hope to be a world famous brewery, tavern and B&B. Rusty is played by Jazza, art-youtuber who has brought Tabletop Time back due to his passion for narrative storytelling.

Hops and Rusty have little knowledge of brewing, so the duo sought out the greatest reputed brewer of concoctions in their fairy-tale woods to aid them, unfortunately, that just happened to be Muereena. The hag. This evil witch with a taste for small innocent children who like gingerbread houses has recently had a change of heart, having her greatest curse backfire on her. She is now cursed with her own magic to 'become a hero of legend', and until she does, all her mortal joys have left her. Muereena is played by Murray, a Tabletop Time painting machine and TTRPG player who constantly gets his name spelt wrong (just like Muereena).

In the second chapter of Ragtag, the adventurers are joined by a mysterious elven magician from a time long ago... Yes, magician, not wizard. Maybe both. Who knows, all we know, is he is seeking the ultimate party trick to one-up the snotty-nosed brats that laughed him out of his last magic performance. The Wizard is played by Rob, a Tabletop Time Roleplay player who has wanted to join the Ragtag crew for ages.

The Forever Narrator is Dave, who has owned and operated a Game Store for the past 7 years and now works at Tabletop Time, telling narrative stories and generally pulling his hair out due to constant player shenanigans.


Tabletop Time Roleplay is officially sponsored by Level Up Advanced 5th Edition.

You can also apply for sponsorship of your Level Up Advanced 5th Edition actual play campaign. Visit our sponsorship page on EN Live for more details, and how to apply.
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Character portraits near the names, and the DM window isn't 1/3 of the screen and zoomed-in? I love it already! Not to mention getting to see LUAFE in action...

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