Tags and trouble sifting for content

I have noticed a few small problems with the new forum system.

First, the tag functions are missing. When creating new threads, there is no longer an option to classify a thread as "3E" or "5E" or "Homebrew" or anything else.

Second, previous tag functions are broken. We used to be able to click on a tag, and view all the threads with that tag. Doing that now (i.e. trying to use *Dungeons & Dragons to show 3.5e threads) does nothing and just reloads the forum.

Third, icons are now based on the avatar of the OP, instead of icons that give info about the thread. This means that even if tags were fixed, it would be much harder to see them when browsing a forum.

Fourth, a huge amount of the historical 3E and 3.5E content is in the Pathfinder forum. I know this is an artifact of the evolution of the boards from 3E General and Rules to Legacy to Pathfinder, but it was partially fixed by the tag system.

The net effect of all this is that I'm finding it harder to browse the boards for specific content. More specifically, 3.xE content. Will the tag system eventually come to the new board, or is it dead? Any plans to help organize editions in the D+D forum, or clean up the messiness in the old forums?

Edit: I do like the site better overall. It's much faster and has good new features. Still getting used to the changes, though.

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