Tales from my soon-to-be Immortal Game

So, I've put together a group of players ready to play the 5e books once they come out, and we just happened to have a LV20 prologue session today, and I thought y'all would like to hear the tales of my chaotic bunch of divine mercenaries and the madness that they bring in their wake!

To start the campaign, my players were whisked from across the galaxy to do a job for Bahamut, which was to slay a Red Greatwyrm that was beginning to tear away the magic around it's home planet to absorb it and ascend to godhood. The battle was tough, with the Greatwyrm shredding through the party with repeated breath attacks, but due to a mixture of a solid smite/hold monster combo from our Paladin, and a series of weaponized Mage Hand contraptions to build an impromptu railgun, our party was able to bring the dragon down, and was granted a few cool new relatively minor magic items. Then, our players had a month-long time skip within Bahamut's Divine Realm, where they ended up getting into trouble with Bahamut's legal services for what was fundamentally tax fraud via abusing Wish to inadvertently steal coins from Bahamut's lair, and also getting their dwellings audited by several ancient dragons working for what was basically Bahamut's ATF due to an ill-advised weapon smuggling business that got a few members of the party temporarily placed into jail, until cooler heads fortunately prevailed, and everything somehow managed to turn out mostly fine, and now my group is just waiting for the playtest to release to gain their divine sparks, and go out on yet greater adventures as divine creatures.

Our Party consists of Norin the Dwarven Battlerager, who managed to fight his way to being the best warrior in his own kingdom, and has been receiving visions from the fallen Highfather of the Dwarves, telling him to rebuild the great Dwarven Empire, Ainz the Goliath, who is most definitely not Ainz Ooal Gown from famous anime series OVERLORD, Eragon the Wizard, who is most certainly Eragon from the Inheritance Cycle, Ixid the Paladin, who was once the firstborn of the High Priestess of Tiamat, but who is now a glorious champion of Bahamut, and finally Talon the Ranger, who is a gloomy, lone-wolf stalker who seeks out a way to put the gods back into harmony once more.

Please tell me what you think about my little prologue one-shot, and the antics of my party!

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Good that you have their backstories in place, which should make creating a Nemesis for each character fairly simple. Plus as we discussed privately, might have something revolving around the Dragon Queen in the Epic Bestiary. ;)

A five character party is slightly tougher, but easily dealt with in my new (very simple) Encounter building rules.

Although what I have noticed is the straight up "Going All Out*" power of epic characters is notably beyond their "average" power.

*Using all their best abilities/spells at the start - in the assumption its just going to be one encounter (then you can rest) - which is something you cannot do when invading another god's 'lair'.

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