Tales of Argosa - free playtest doc (249 pages), adventure, pregens, char sheet - Kickstarter now live!


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G'day Gamers! Steve here from Pickpocket Press.

Just a quick shout out that the Tales of Argosa Kickstarter (aka Low Fantasy Gaming 2e) is now live!

Includes FREE Playtest PDF v5 (249 pages), character sheets, pregens and an Adventure (Caverns of Shennog). You can also try out our two Oracles online - the Deck of Signs (an open question card oracle) and Consult the Bones dice oracle (yes/no/fortune oracle).

Two Stretch Goals already unlocked: GM Screen & Adventure Framework #69: House of Crows!

If this sounds interesting please drop by check it out! Of course happy to answer any questions here :D

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