Tales of Xadia: The Dragon Prince RPG Has Launched

Announced by Fandom last year, the official tabletop RPG of the animated series is now available to pre-order. Using the Cortex Prime system (and the first new Cortex-powered game in about a decade!) this 3-12-page book takes place between seasons 3 and 4 of the show. In the game, you can play an elf or a human.

You can purchase the hardcover now for $49.99, or the Pdf for $24.99. The PDF will release on March 29th, and the hardcover will ship after that date.


The Dragon Prince Roleplaying Game​

Purchase Tales of Xadia: The Dragon Prince Roleplaying Game the official tabletop roleplaying game for The Dragon Prince. Using the award-winning Cortex system, you and your friends will take on the role of characters and play your part in adventures set in the Netflix show's world. Your purchase includes:
  • A physical and digital copy of Tales of Xadia: The Dragon Prince Roleplaying Game, so you can play anywhere
  • Everything you need to create your own characters and tell your own stories set in Xadia
  • New official canon, lore, creatures, and wonders to discover
  • Details on the countries and people that inhabit the world of The Dragon Prince
  • All-new art featuring your favorite characters and locations from the show
  • Digital character sheets, premade characters, and tools to easily start playing
  • Digital tools to help you play remotely with friends

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Arise from your grave, thread, to haunt this board once more!

For those of you that have a copy of the rules, what are your feelings on the rules system? My daughter is almost 12, loves The Dragon Prince, and has played some 1E Pathfinder with friends and family. Is this something that a 12 year old could learn to play without too much difficulty?

The short version is: Yes, she can.

The long version (in the PDF of CortexPrime rules, this is just a one-page intro):

Jane is a Seasoned Journalist (3d6) with 1 PP (Plot Point).
If you do something that aligns with your description, roll all applicable dice (3d6), pick two highest numbers and add them to get your task total.
If you do something that does NOT align, roll fewer dice (2d6), pick two highest numbers and add them to get your task total.
To find the difficulty number to beat, roll dice and add them up: 1d6 (for an easy task), 2d6 (for challenging difficulty) and 3d6 (hard).
If your total is HIGHER, you win.

Here're a bit more elaborate and detailed explanations:

CortexPrime core:

CortexPrime three sweet examples of situations:

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Very excited to see this out in the wild, not so much because I'm a fan of the source material (I have never watched it) but to see the Cortex Prime rules wrangled into a single and complete game. We've recently been playing a campaign of our own devising in Cortex (including some additional mods by me) and I find myself being more and more intrigued by it. There's a lot of nifty things it does to support both the tone of the campaign and its FATE-like style of play. We're already using some of the mods/adjustments from Xadia, and it's great that this will get the system out there for more people to try.

My only problem is that the show did a fantastic job of selling me the fact that black magic is perfectly moral and the elves need to be destroyed to save humanity.


This is apparently not what the show is about.


Received my preordered hard copy as well. Going to rewatch the series as I read the rules. Hoping to talk with two players this weekend to make characters and run a quick scenario.

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