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Rules Basics <------------------------------------------------------------------------------>

Add your modifier to melee attacks and damage rolls
Affects AC, ranged attack, initiative and reflex saves
Add modifier to HP
Affects Will saves and cleric spells.
Affects known languages, Important for Wizards
Affects several abilities based on class. Can be gained/lost during the game. Thieves and halflings are particularly affected by luck. Roll 1d30+luck modifier to gain a specific affect.

The Dice Chain
DCC uses a number of dice to reflect different probabilities. (mostly this won't affect 0 level characters)
d3 – d4 – d5 – d6 – d7 – d8 – d10 – d12 – d14 – d16 – d20 – d24 – d30

roll 1d20+str for melee attacks
roll 1d20+agi for ranged attacks
This assumes you are trained with the weapon you are using. You are considered trained with your starting weapon at 0-level. If you are untrained then roll 1d16.

Weapon List:

Ranged weapons have a short/medium/long range bracket. This imposes has a 0/-2/-1d penalty. =1d means one die lower in the chain. For 0-level this will mostly likely be d16

Checks.Checks are best roleplayed or described. eg; "I tap each of the flagstones, listening for a hollow sound." rather than; "I search the room." Often the description of the action will result in a success without the need for a roll.

If a roll is required. If you are considered trained you use a d20 + relevant modifiers in your checks. If you are untrainined then you roll a d10 and add any relevant modifiers.

You are considered trained in a skill you could reasonably claim to be through your starting profession, eg a mushroom farmer could claim to be trained when deciding if fungi are edible or poisonous or how to divert a minor water flow to cause a flood.

If you might be trained in something (ie it's a bit of a stretch to) you roll 1d10 with a +2 bonus. eg a scribe could claim to know some astrology.

Finally, you can burn luck to gain a bonus to any roll. For each point of luck you burn you gain +1 to a roll, but your luck is now that many point lower - however you luck modifier is NOT changed. You regain luck (or even lose it) through certain deeds; like completing adventures; faithfully RPing your character; gaining the favour or disdain of supernatural entities. Thieves and halflings regain luck much faster, regaining some each night they rest.
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For long years, you labored in the fields like all the peasants, sweating hot and dirty in the summer, only to shiver under threadbare hides when winter came. This year’s harvest ended like all the rest, and autumn’s work was hard on Old Man Roberts.

When you visited his bedside at the end, he spoke in labored breaths of constellations that hadn’t been seen since he was a young lad. The last time the Empty Star had risen in the sky, it was more than fifty winters past, he said. Under the light of that strange star a portal had opened by the old stone mounds. He’d seen jewels in there and fine steel spears and enameled armor, but he’d run when the iron men had attacked. Now, old and dying, he wishes he’d taken the chance on a life of adventure. The Empty Star is once more rising, and a young man with courage could be more than just another peasant – if only he’d take the chance Old Man Robert hadn’t.

You’re taking that chance. You stand before the monolithic rocks of the old stone mounds, under the dark light of a starry sky. The Empty Star is clear and bright above you. Three of the large stone blocks lean haphazardly together to form an upright rectangular portal about the size of a man. They seem to be placed directly beneath the star’s path. As the Empty Star ascends to its brightest point, its light catches in the portal, and a shimmering stonelined corridor is visible through the stones, but only from one side of the opening. Grasping your pitchfork with white knuckles, you step into the starlit portal which was not there before today, thoughts of jewels and scorching wheat fields foremost in your mind.

Even though the hallway is visible from only one side of the portal, you tread on solid flagstones. The starlight fades as it reaches into this hallway, which dead-ends ahead at a stout iron-banded door. Jewels or crystals in an odd assortment of star shapes are inscribed on the door.
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The dwarves, Brik and Brak, look through the doorway suspiciously, but before they can step in their two drinking companions, Squire Farquad and his woodsman Boil, stride into the hallway and up to the door.

Brik and Brak look at each other for a moment, shrug, then call in. "Hey, uhh... you guys see anything on that door?"

Squire Farquad pokes at the door crystals. "I think they're magical crystals. Yes, must be. And valuable! Or maybe... buttons?"


As Farquad presses a number of the crystals he quickly realises that they are not buttons. They are made up of common crystal that peasants use for jewelry and mountebanks sell for "magical" remedies. Prying them out would yield a small amount of coin, enough to pay for room and board perhaps.

Marqe scoffs at the petty gemstones. "There must be something better than that in here."
Luther taps the walls and ceiling with his 10-foot pole. "Maybe there's a seeecrit entrance."
Jared lights his torch to see if more light will help.


Luther taps the ceiling, walls and floor only to find that everything feels very much like solid stone. Each time he taps at the door he notices sparks coming from the edge of the door.

Jared's torch flares brightly in the narrow corridor, revealing grey stone walls, floor and ceiling. The door is earily black - apart from the crystals, which twinkle in the firelight.

GM: I realise I did not include any indication of the size of this corridor (its 5' x 30'. I'll be sure to give a size in the future), so I'm assuming that the characters are rotating through and that there are only a few in the corridor.

"Anyone notice those sparks?" Luther asks as he tries to figure out if there's a specific spot that causes the sparks or does it happen no matter where he taps.


The sparks seem to come from a spot about head height no matter where Luther taps. The harder he taps the brighter the sparks are though.


The squire nods and tries to appear as if he already knew whatever it was that Luther said, and is certain that if the gems are worthless they must therefore be disgusting.

“This whole place is just, uh, just full of sorcery. Disgusting!”


ooc: Yeah, I'm good.

Farquad moves forward, and the others follow behind him - they're much MUCH more aware that a hole in the fabric of the universe is not normal, but are obeying this quasi-noble because they've bought into this whole feudalism thing.

They have their weapons out and ready, partly because they're either weapons (ie: a threat is perceived) or they're actually tools (and are useful). The group wants to have something to have in their hands while exploring, either tools or weapons.


Frustrated by the door the groups starts to grow bored and many voice that this was perhaps a silly idea, someone even starts a fire. The stars and moon move overhead and after a few hours there is a light from inside the entrance. Peering in you see some of the crystals start to twinkle. As more and more lighten up the light in the hallway grows until there is a audible click from the door.

It swings open easily to reveal a rectangular room, 25ft across and 20 ft deep.

Across from you is another stout door. Four iron statues flank the door, two to a side. Each statue depicts a different fighting man in a round iron helmet and thick scaled armor holding a long spear in a throwing position. All the spear-tips are aimed at the door through which you just entered.

GM: No random encounters from waiting for the door to open.

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