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Tall's Portal Under the Stars - IC

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ooc: Yeah, I'm good.

Farquad moves forward, and the others follow behind him - they're much MUCH more aware that a hole in the fabric of the universe is not normal, but are obeying this quasi-noble because they've bought into this whole feudalism thing.

They have their weapons out and ready, partly because they're either weapons (ie: a threat is perceived) or they're actually tools (and are useful). The group wants to have something to have in their hands while exploring, either tools or weapons.


Frustrated by the door the groups starts to grow bored and many voice that this was perhaps a silly idea, someone even starts a fire. The stars and moon move overhead and after a few hours there is a light from inside the entrance. Peering in you see some of the crystals start to twinkle. As more and more lighten up the light in the hallway grows until there is a audible click from the door.

It swings open easily to reveal a rectangular room, 25ft across and 20 ft deep.

Across from you is another stout door. Four iron statues flank the door, two to a side. Each statue depicts a different fighting man in a round iron helmet and thick scaled armor holding a long spear in a throwing position. All the spear-tips are aimed at the door through which you just entered.

GM: No random encounters from waiting for the door to open.

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