Tarokka Solitaire: Escape the Mists

The Glen

I got bored and was playing around with the Ravenloft Tarokka deck and came up with a solitaire game. The object is to get any of the characters represented by the Tarokka deck out of the mists by outlasting the horrors that hunt them. Getting any of them out alive wins the game, you won't win that often.

The cards:
Horrors: Any of the Greater Arcana
Innocents: Suite cards worth 1.
Lords: Highest valued card in a suite.

Step 1. Deal two cards face up. Defeated cards are discarded, surviving cards advance to the next day. Repeat this process until you cycle the whole deck.
Horror cards automatically defeat any suite card not a lord or innocent.
Innocents defeat horrors and lords.
Suites of the same value are both discarded.
Cards of the same suite both survive.
If two Horrors are drawn, both are discarded.
If a Lord and a Horror are drawn, both are discarded.
If two suite cards are drawn, the higher suite survives and the lower suite is discarded.
If for any reason there are an odd number of cards, the last card survives if it is a suite, and is discarded if it is a horror.

After the deck has been gone through, shuffle the survivor deck and repeat the process until there are no more horrors and only one suite remaining (victory) or only horrors remain (loss).