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D&D 5E Tasha: Now on D&D Beyond, Roll20, Fantasy Grounds

Today's the day that Tasha's Guide to Everything is as a hardcover available in North America. For everybody else, it can be found on various digital platforms for $29.99.


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Russ Morrissey

Russ Morrissey


MY SAVOIR. I have went to doctors, shamans, witch doctors. I have with to Lawyers, RUles lawyers, and Rules Gurus. I went to mugs, thugs, and football fans. But no one would tell me what was wrong with me.
Now send me have your gaming stuff and the cure!
The cure is you're not allowed to use the phrase. Ever. You have to describe the thing, like say, "The ability for players to make meaningful choices while playing." and then, every time, give a specific example that supports the point you are making. No generalizations.

And then, in a matter of weeks of having conversations like that, you will find it all gets better.

But remember, NO JARGON.

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Problem language. From Chapter 4. Your group’s enjoyment is paramount, so make these rules your own, aiming to match your group’s tastes.....So shut up DM. You wants and tastes has no say in this cauldron.
...During session zero, your role is to let the players build the characters they want and to help them come up with explanations for how their characters came together to form an adventuring party......
Sorry DMs Tasha's say the players rule and you drool. Insert DM vs players rant.
Love ya, Jasper, but I have to agree with Dave...you sound triggered. The very first page of Tasha's after the Table of Contents recounts the "Ten Rules to Remember" (slightly altered from Xanathar's "Ten Rules") and the very first rule is "The DM Adjudicates the Rules," which includes "the DM decides how to proceed, aiming for a course that brings the most enjoyment to your group." I think making that problematic is a reach.

I think the book is a terrific addition to the game and I love the tone.


Something minor but kind of annoying is that the blade cantrips are called additional spells in this book which means if you tick the box to add the additional spells, the cantrips show up twice since they're already on the wizard spell list.
Aah..boo... it was a bit underwhelming :/ oh well, it's not like I'll get to lv 14 anytime soon.

Can you still spend sorcery points to reactivate features?
You can, the capstone can be reused for 7 sorcery points, another ability for 5. The psychic sorcerer has an ability that can be reactivated as well.


I'm playing around with the new content on DnDBeyond, there are a few issues with the content not being added correctly which I will have to also post on the DnDBeyond forums if they haven't already been mentioned. Things I've noticed are the swarmkeeper subclass for ranger not granting the additional spells and the optional ability Primal Awareness feature should replace Primeval Awareness on the character sheet but has been placed in additional features instead of replacement features. It does still grant the spells though.

Edit: Looks like both have been added to the bugs for Tasha's. In some cases multiple times by different users. I feel like I can skip mentioning it.
Didn't take too long for them to fix this, I was just looking at my swarmkeeper ranger and noticed that the spells had been added. I did have to go in to the builder to re-tick the option for Primal Awareness, but otherwise, it's been fixed.


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