Tasty Scenarios for Novice DMs?


I'm looking for the most tasty D&D scenarios to form a sequence for novice DMs in terms of:

Running roughly levels 1-10 (might be tighter than that to avoid gaps)
Some variety: e.g. dungeon - wilderness - maritime or the likes
Progression towards a balance of sandbox and railroad
Progression in terms of the skills the GM picks-up, e.g. adventure to module - campaign and/ or promoting player choice and open-ended outcomes

Old School would be good for me; but New School most welcome :)

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Personally, I'd pick one of Paizo's adventure paths, and pick a spot that looks good to cut it off early and rewrite the ending at that point. While each has a distinctive flavor, they all seem to have a fairly good mix of town, exploration and dungeon crawl. Rise of the Runelords is a good one, as there are several points at which the adventure can "end" reasonably sensibly.


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Can you be more detailed about the levels for the campaign and what your trying to set up. I think your parameters may be a bit vague because I don't seem to understand what your asking for on this.

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