[Tavern Thread] The Dunn Wright Inn

Deuce Traveler

The man nods in approval at Yosephus, Qalabash, Tamarie, Francis and Aelspeth. "Yes, yes... you all look like a rough bunch. No offense I hope. Some of my best friends are thugs. Anyway, I've run into a bit of a tough spot. I've got my ship, the Sea Sprite, just outside the harbor and, whaddya know, a whole bunch of ocean creatures just up and decides to attack the ship, disperse my crew, and otherwise make a great mess of the place. I want to avoid attention, and keep my little problem quite on the hush hush. If the insurance company finds out that my ship was attacked, it could cause a rise on my premium and I'd really like to avoid that, with the economy the way it is and all. I'm looking for some men and women that can reclaim the Sea Sprite for me and clear off the attackers before they damage anything important, or even cause the ship to sink. If you succeed while keeping your actions discrete, you will find that I can pay well for the service, of course."


Aelspeth Noromiel, Conjurer

Aelspeth Noromiel 2.pngAelspeth is taken aback at the man's words. Thug?! she thinks to herself. Let it slide, Girl, he's in a state. Just look at his attire! A sorry state indeed. She looks to the men around her, suddenly concerned. "They don't really look so rough." The last directed at the Sea Sprite's buoy. "A healer, a grandfather, and a comedian." Looking down to the halfling, "What is unfellable? I so love riddles."

The long-eared blonde is so far from her element that she doesn't feel Darwin turning on her shoulder. He looks at Tamarie and his eyelids droop slightly, the tremendous volume of alcohol recently consumed taking hold. The monkey grins and reaches a hand toward the woman of uncertain heritage.

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[sblock=Francis John III, Self-Proclaimed Halfling Prince]Character Sheet
HP: 16/16
AC: 17 FF:15 T:13
CMB: 1 CMD: 13
Fort: +1 Reflex: +5 Will: +1
Perception: +8 Initiative: +2
Bluff: +13 Diplomacy: +7 S. Motive: +5
Sleight: +7 Stealth: +10
Armed: Light Crossbow +4 1d6
Bolts Remaining: 17/20
Unarmed: Shortsword +3 d4+1
Adaptable Luck: 3/3
[sblock=Bacon, War Pig]HP: 18/18
AC: 14, touch: 10, flat-footed: 14 (+4 natural)
Fort: +6 Ref: +3 Will: +1
Initiative: 0
Defensive Abilities: ferocity
Speed: 40 ft. (30 medium, 20 heavy)
Melee: gore +4 (1d8+4)
CMB: +4 CMD: 14
Skills: Perception +6
Senses: Lowlight Vision, Scent[/sblock][/sblock]

A look of sheer flabbergastation is born on the halfling's face. "A comedian?! Why yes, I'm honored! Now.... the unfellable? Something that can't be felled of course. I truly have to cut my enemies down to size, ya hear?" Turning to the chubbed one, "Count me in good sir! But first, we simply must have your name, and some more details too. Shall we get a private room?"

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Qalabash Baram

The antics of the drunken monkey are not lost on Qalabash. He laughs, though not as uproariously as he might have with a potential employer standing nearby. The monkey's handler, the elven girl, Aelspeth, manages to prick him with her words where he is most sensitive: his age.

"Grandfather?" he mutters. "I'll have you know I have been servant to kings and companion to princes." He winks conspiratorially at the other girl with elven blood in her veins.

Qalabash would dearly like to expound on his experiences and perhaps prove that his best days are not behind him but, the employer. The bit about being a friend to thugs worries him, especially after his previous experiences with jobs garnered in the Dunn Wright Inn, and he makes note to ask some discerning questions before accepting the job.

"A capital suggestion, Francis John number Three. Someplace where we are not subject to the indecent gyrations of painted madmen. Even the street serve better, I'm sure."


Melisande, Paladin

~ In a private room ~

Melisande nodded as both Charity and Aradra explained.

“Training and weapons skill counts for much in a martial order as it would in an army or amongst the scouts.”

“So does menial work to help strengthen or put one’s spirit at ease.”

[sblock=Mini Stats]Melisande
Initiative: +1 Perception: +15 (Darkvision)
AC: 28 (27 flat-footed, 13 Touch) - Currently 18 with Chainshirt
HP: 158 (DR3/-) Current: 158
CMB: +20 CMD: 33(32ff) (+2 vs Sunder/Disarm) Fort: +18 Reflex: +11 Will: +14
Special: Immune to Fear, Disease, Charm
Current Conditions in Effect: Power Attack (-4Att/+8(12)dmg), Jingasa Luck (1xday, Immediate neg Critical/Sneak Attack), Aura of Good/Courage/Resolve
Current Weapon in Hand: None

Lay on Hands (6d6): 12/12 Remaining
Smite Evil (5x/day, +4 Att, +17 dmg, +4 Deflect AC): 5/5 Remaining
Alter Self: 1/1 Remaining
Divine Bond (+3): 3/3 Remaining
Spells Remaining:
1st Level 4/4+2 Pearls (Protection from Evil, Hero's Defiance, Bless, Divine Favor)
2nd Level 3/3+1 Pearl (Effortless Armor, Blade Tutor's Spirit, Righteous Vigor)
3rd Level 2/2 (Greater Magic Weapon, Greater Magic Weapon)
4th Level 1/1 (Resounding Blows)[/sblock] [sblock=Adventure Planning]DT’s adventure is really for the two new players (MerryMortician & Grumblyarcher), Aura’s Tamarie, Francis John, Leira Olren and GE’s Qalabash. Yosephus is technically too high for that adventure and has a place saved in the 3-4th level one coming.

I am just waiting on [MENTION=9327]Halivar[/MENTION] to be present and [MENTION=29558]Mowgli[/MENTION]’s character, then I can begin recruiting for Don’t Let It Go for Charity, Yosephus, Delvin, and Darvus.[/sblock]



Devlin looks up from his tinkering and writing to see the large man enter the inn. Glancing at Tamarie and Yosephus he gives them a nod of approval, then turns to his new halfling friend.

"Good luck to you my friend. I would join you had I the time, but I need to finish some of my studies before I go out adventuring again. If you are back this way before I head out again, I will be happy to buy you another drink."

He nods his head a couple of times and turns back to the papers strewn across the bar area and continues to write random calculations and alchemical formula.

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[sblock=ministats]Devlin Eldlya

AC: 16 (13 flat-footed, 14 touch)
HP: 26/26
CMB:+2 CMD: 15
Fort: +5 Reflex: +7 Will: +2

Perception: +8
Initiative: +5

Bombs: 7/7
Mutagen Prepared: Dexterity

Extracts Prepared: 1: Targeted Bomb Admixture 2: Cure Light Wound. 3:___ 4:____
Formulae List: Bomber's Eye, Cure Light Wounds, Disguise Self, Enlarge Person, Targeted Bomb Admixture, Expeditious Retreat, Stone Fist

Current Weapon in Hand: None
Current Conditions in Effect: None
Used Items: None

Read more: http://livingpf.wikia.com/wiki/Devlin_(resrick)
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Yosephus Errol Smithe, Cleric of Amenthia, the Healing Hand

Upon seeing Tamarie, Yosephus nods to her and then continues. "Of course if you need someone who can dish it out as well as do some healing, she is quite capable." He gestures in the direction of Tamarie. "From the sound of things you may need someone who can do both and I am more of a healer then a fighter. But it is up to you my friend."

[sblock=Yosephus]Yosephus Errol Smithe
AC: 19 (10 flat-footed, 19 touch)
HP: 26/26
CMB: +2 CMD: 12

Fort: +5 Reflex: +2 Will: +7
Perception: +3 Sense Motive: +11
Initiative: +0

Current Weapon in Hand: Morningstar
Channel Energy: 6/6
Orisons: Create Water, Guidance, Purify Food and Drink, Resistance
1st Level: Bless, Hide from Undead, Shield of Faith, Cure Light Wounds (Domain)
2nd Level: Lesser Restoration, Silence, Cure Moderate Wounds (Domain)
Domain Powers Remaining Today:
Rebuke Death: 6/6
Resistant Touch: 6/6
Race Features:
Halo Status: OFF
Incorruptible: 1/1[/sblock]

[sblock=Adventure Planning]Just doing some roleplay. It looked like some of the players were not around yet so I chose to spice up the dialog a bit.[/sblock]

Scott DeWar

Prof. Emeritus-Supernatural Events/Countermeasure

"Eh, look at bar. Ist vizard copy spells? Vhat you think, Larrissa?" He points to the new kid at the bar working formulae.

[sblock=Mini Stats]Heinrich
Initiative: +2 Perception: +12 (Greater Darkvision w/ spell) AC: 15 (13 flat-footed, 12 Touch) (better with spells)
HP: 46 Current: 46
BAB: +5 CMB: +5 CMD: 17 (15 ff)
Fort: +6 Reflex: +8 Will: +11 CONC: +21 Special: FIRE RESIST 10
Current Conditions in Effect:
cat's grace - 11 minutes rounds: [one]
Haste - 1 rnd/lv; multi person effect [party of 4 for 11 rounds]
Current Weapon in Hand: WAND: acid arrow
Scroll: Summon Monster IV
Save DC:          
General: 15 + SL                
Evocation: 17 + SL          
Elemental (Fire): 16 + SL            
Evoc + (Fire): 18 + SL

0 Level              Level 01               Level 02                
* Prestidig.     * feather fall          * See invisibility
* Disrupt Undead * Burning Hands(ev,E,*) * Scorching ray (ev,E)
* Dancing lights * Feather Fall          * Levitate
* acid splash    * ear pierce scream     * Resist Energy
                 * magic missile         * Warding Weapon
                 * Shield                * cat's grace
                 * Expeditious Retreat   * Scorching ray (ev,E)
                 P magic missile         P scorching ray (ev,E)
                 P magic missile         P cat's grace
                 P Shield                P Scorching ray (ev,E)

LEVEL 3                LEVEL 04                LEVEL 05
* Flame Arrow (E)      * summon monster 4 (E)  * lightning arc
* Haste                * stone skin            * Elemental body [E]
* Dispel Magic         * dimension door        * wall of force
* Dispel Magic         * Detonate              * Teleport
* lightning bolt       * Blk Tentacles                      
* Displacement         P summon monster 4 (E)
P Haste

* Tar Pool (E)
* Chains of fire
* form of the dragon 1                

Level 00  
* Resistance * Acid Splash [c] * Detect Magic * Detect Poison * Read Magic * Daze * Dancing Lights
* Flare * Light * Spark * Disrupt Undead * Touch of Fatigue * Mage Hand * Mending * Message
* Open/Close * Arcane Mark * Prestidigitation
Level 01
* Break * Burning Hands (E,*) * Chill Touch * comp lang * Ear piercing scream * Endure Elements (E)  
* enlarge person * expeditious retreat * Feather Fall * Identify * Jump [c] * Magic Missile
* magic weapon * Shield * Touch of the Sea & * Touch of Gracelessness
Level 02  
* Arcane Lock  * Burning gaze (E) * Cat's grace * darkvision * Elemental Touch * Flaming Sphere (E)
* Fox's cunning * Knock * Levitate * Resist Energy * Scorching Ray (E) * See Invisibility
* Spectral Hand * Warding Weapon * false life
Level 03  
* Dispel magic * Displacement * Draconic Reservoir * Fire ball (**,E,ev) * Flame Arrow (E) * Haste
* Lightning bolt (ev) * Tiny Hut * Ablative Barrier [c] * Fly  
Level 04  
* Black tentacles * darkvision, gtr * Detonate * Dimension door * scrying * stone skin
* summ monst IV [E]
Level 05  
* Elemental body II [e] * Feuer vyrm [fire snake] * lightning arc * Summon monster V * Teleport
* Wall of Force
Level 06
* undeath to death * chains of fire * tar pool * sirocco * forceful hand * Form of the dragon I  

( - ) denotes a cast spell    
(*) cast at +1 level (trait)  
(**) cast at +2 levels (Feat)
(E) elemental: flame school  
(ev) evocation
(A) denotes changed to acid
(&) takes 2 spell slots to cast
(#) recalled via pearl of power
(E,A) denotes 50% fire/50% acid


Aelspeth Noromiel, Conjurer

Aelspeth entered the City of Glass less than an hour ago and she has already offended more than one stranger. She internally chastises, You were supposed to have left this behind...

She came to the Dunn Wright Inn on the recommendation of what the locals called a "White Cloak". A smile had threatened to curl that man's lips as he looked her up and down. She now begins to realize the man had not provided directions to this particular establishment as any generosity to a lady in need. Yep, he's going to tell the other men at shift change and they're all going to have a great laugh at the ignorant knife-ear.

It is at this moment that Aelspeth determines to take the job. She frowns once more and clenches her jaw. Opening her mouth to speak, she is interrupted by a soft thud behind her. The golden git, at a loss for depth perception and experiencing the sort of infatuation that accompanies his vice, has overextended his reach toward Tamarie. Aelspeth feels heat rising up her neck to her ears as she bends to scoop the spider monkey up and into his sling. The monkey nuzzles into his favorite spot between her shoulder blades.

"Yes," Aelspeth says, clinging to her last shred of dignity. "We all have questions and you have a sense of urgency about you. And that man there, with the distinctive markings...He raises only more questions with possibly a different sort of urgency."

[sblock=Scroll Transcription] With one day elapsed, Aelspeth has transcribed Mage Armor into her spellbook. I will make the relevant changes to her character sheet.
DC 15 + (1 spell level) = [16]
Take 10 on Spellcraft: 10 + (2 specialization) + (8 spellcraft) = [20][/sblock]
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Tamarie the Songweaver
Picking up on Qalabash's wink towards her, the dark-haired elven-blooded woman nods, smiling knowingly. Her hair, while perhaps clean, is far from neat and moves in an unruly way as her head bobs, coming back to rest on her shoulders.

Investigating the spider monkey while her would be employer goes through details, Tamarie extends an index finger and sets it in the creature's hand. Barely more than a whisper, she muses, "And where are you from, little one? Hmmm...."

Turning her head to the owner of the Sea Sprite, she recounts his words her own way, "Go to the Sea Sprite, kick off invading creatures, be discreet and keep her floating, get paid? Yes, that sounds alright." While her appearance might be flawed with a wide nose, freckles and unsightly growths of hair, Tamarie's normal speaking voice, set evenly between soprano and alto, is clear, unwavering, and smooth.
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Qalabash Baram

Qalabash strokes his goatee as he thinks.

"Sir, I am unfamiliar with underwriters and other arcane secrets of the insurance trade but this secrecy business... I would hate to become involved in some nefarious pirating action. I have been nearly hornswoggled into criminal activity against my will once before." He frowns and peers keenly at the chubby man trying to discern the truth of the situation.

"Tell me true, are you the owner, captain, or agent of the Sea Sprite?"

Sense Motive: [roll0]
[sblock=OOC]Leaving an out for Q to reject the job if his place is needed by a new player.[/sblock]


Charity, Human Female
~ In a Private Room ~

"Hunh, I guess that makes me one of the happiest hard workers in The Glass Cathedral, then," Charity muses. "Plus I add in the side jobs, where I serve as warrior and lay-healer, which is kinda a new thing for me, but still... it gets pretty complex overall. Mostly, I just take it on a day-to-day basis and hope for the best. Some day, I'll be allowed a sword. But for now, I just do the hard work and learn to fight support-style."
The noise from the main room creeps in, distracting the Cortesian for a moment. "Things are starting to pick up a bit," she comments, apparently to nobody in particular.

[sblock=The Word of the Day]Hornswaggled, as spoken by Qalabash. I haven't heard that one in a while. :)[/sblock]


Arradon Delgaran

The door of the Dunn Wright Inn creaks slightly as a man of average height quietly makes his way in. Clad in a black cloak, his face is hard to see in the shadows of his hood; what little of his face can be seen is pleasant enough, if somewhat severe. As he walks towards the bar the swaying of his cloak reveals the black-stained leather armor concealed beneath it. Strangely enough, he seems to be unarmed. "An ice water, please." His silvery voice does not seem to match his forbidding appearance; his Venzan, while flawless, has the trace of an Inner Sea accent. He receives his ice water from the barkeeper and attempts to discreetly lose himself in the inn's crowd.

Arradon Delgaran
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Aradra Longstrider

~ In a private room ~

Aradra nods to Charity, then reaches for his drink before remembering that it was empty. "So does a good whiskey. And since I finished my ale, I feel I need another one. If you excuse me, I need a refill. Shadow Stay."

Shadow looked up in Aradra's direction as he stood up, but as soon as he heard his master's command Shadow immediately looked back at Melisande, hoping she would resume the scratching behind his ears.

~ Out in the common area~

Out of the side room, a man in a green traveling clothes exists. He takes a look around at all the new faces, and smiles, clearly enjoying the sight of the once crowded common area. His eyes fall on the strange painted man, at the other group huddled around a clearly exasperated fat man, and the few people still enjoying there drinks by the bar. The man moves over to where the white cloaked woman, and the red-haired man were sharing a drink. He leans on the bar to try and catch the bartender's eye. "Grog, another Rornish whiskey please." He turns and nods towards the pair, but the man's eyes narrow at the woman's great sword. In particular, he seems to be staring at the hilt of the great sword, where a stylized sword stuck in the side of a mountain appears as the pommel of the blade.​



[sblock=OOC]Waiting to post further until DT's recruiter speaks. At this point there have been a lot of voices in his ear and agreement to head to another space.

Aelspeth transcribres Protection from Evil.
DC 15 + (1 spell level) = [16]
Take 10 on Spellcraft: 10 + (8 spellcraft) = [18][/sblock]

Deuce Traveler

Private Booth for the Sea Sprite adventure

The man takes Qalabash, Tamarie, Francis John, Aelspeth, Leira Olren into a private booth. He then leans forward over his waiting drinks, and tries to look conspiratorial, "My name is Shem Glouster and I'm a businessman by sea trade. So, I'm not sure how this goes, but I've gotten a nice bit of fire to warm the belly now and I'll give ye the picture as I knows it. So, I've got myself a nice little cutter called the Sea Sprite, run by a crew that is solid when it comes to handling themselves on the seas, but none too courageous when some rabid sea beasts come out into on opening their gullets. Anyways, they were coming back from a trade expedition and were waiting outside the harbor for a bit of a rest before they came on in. Night had fallen and my men were looking to pull anchor and head on into the harbor, when they were assaulted by some disgusting sea woman and a pack of sahuagins obeying her orders. Ol' Lefty took a trident to the gut right off and fell into the water, and after some more lopsided bloodying my men decided to scoot while they still could. Now, I need some folks to get back on that ship and clear it of those creatures before they wreck my pretty Sea Sprite. I'm willing to pay a bit over 3,000 gold coins for the deed, plus whatever you find on those you have to cut through. I wish I could offer more, but this set back is threatening my business as it is." As he awaits your answer he tips back his third shot, while his cheeks glow redder from the alcohol and the night's events.
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At the sound of a Rornish whiskey being ordered, Larissa turns and notices a green-clad stranger eyeing the sword across her back. She nods courteously.

"Well met, stranger," she offers. "You are of Rorn?"

[sblock=Larissa stat block]
Initiative: +0
AC: 22 (22 flat-footed, 11 Touch)
HP: 83 Current: 83
CMB: +10 CMD: 21
Fort: +10 Reflex: +3 Will: +9 (currently wearing Cloak of Protection)
PER Roll: +2
Move: 30’ (w/boots of Striding & Springing)
Current Weapon in Hand: Greatsword

+2 Greatsword Attack: +13/+8 = [BAB(6/1) + STR(4) + WF(1) + Magic(2)]
Damage: 2d6+8, Crit: 19-20/x2,
Special: pommel is hollow, contains scripture
Pow Att w/+2 Greatsword Attack: +11/+6 = [BAB(6/1) + STR(4) + WF(1) + Magic(2) +PA(-2)]
Damage: 2d6+14, Crit: 19-20/x2,

Spells prepared:
0 Level (4) Level 01 (4+1) Level 02 (3+1) Level 03 (1+1)
* Detect Magic * Bless * Bull's Strength * Dispel Magic
* Read Magic *Divine Favor l * Grace * D: Heroism
* Light * Detect Evil * Silence
* Guidance * Remove Fear * D: Spiritual Weapon
* D: Shield of Faith

Channeling at current level: Channel 4d6,
DC 17 =(10 + 1/2 Cleric lvl + CHA +2 for Glory) for
Undead to Save. 5x/day, Selective (skip up to 2 targets)



Private Booth for the Sea Sprite Adventure

Tamarie the Songweaver
Pushing a lock of hair away from her eyes, Tamarie takes the opportunity to speak, "I don't know how hiring is typically done, but the idea seems clear. However, some things need be asked. First, were is the Sea Sprite, now? And second, how do we get on board?" Speaking extensively for the first time, it becomes apparent that the woman's language carries some odd variation of the Northern Isle which is hard to place.

The previously brushed away lock falls back into the eyes of the odd mixed heritage woman, punctuating her questions as she looks to Mr Glouster expectantly.


~ Out in the common area~
The man looks from the woman's sword and nods. "I am. Aradra Longstrider at your service." Grog swings by and delivers Aradra's drink, which Aradra pays for before turning back to the woman and her companion. "Are you also from Rorn? It has been some time since I have seen someone from my home country."