D&D 5E (tech question) Stat block format converter apps/scripts/macros/etc.


CR 1/8
(Posted in 5e because that's the edition I'm looking for tools for. But Mods, please post in another forum if more appropriate.)

I'm looking for utilities to convert monster stat blocks and/or other structured text (eg magic items, spells, etc) into formats like HTML/CSS, GM Binder markdown, JSON, CSV, etc. Also useful might be macros to process plaintext into formatted docx, gdoc, odt, etc; or process columnar (table) data to/from a structured text block.

No specific workflow in mind, but the basic point is to be able to clip something from the SRD, tinker with it in a word-processor or spreadsheet, and then auto-convert it back into something "presentable" without having to manually re-tag everything.

I've found a scant few things, but nothing especially complete or non-broken. So i'm asking around here before I decide if I want to bother writing a parser+converter of my own from scratch.

If anyone has any pointers to existing tools, or advice for a very rusty programmer,* feel free to post here or PM me.

* My software dev card expired 20 years ago, with only a little tinkering here and there since then... so starting something like this in a new language, etc, would be a headache. But working from code that already exists is always hugely helpful in learning.

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