Teleport and TOA [Spoilers]

I’ve been running TOA for some time now as a “drop-in” game at my local library. While new characters/players are always welcome, I have a group of regulars, except that they aren’t all always able to be there on a given week; so the party composition varies. We have generally dealt with this narrative thanks to a fey dog named Pondie (from one of the SKT AL modules we ran before starting TOA) bopping in and “kidnapping” people to play with and/or dropping people off.

The party, however is about to enter the Tomb of the Nine Gods, where RAW no teleportation or the like is an option. I’m thinking I’ll just ignore that rule, but I thought I’d ask if there were reasons why I hold handle it different.

For reference, the group is made up of high school students; none of them are min-maxers or “power gamers.”


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I would explain it this way:

The demilich Acererak understands how to sow confusion amongst party members. He may choose to magically kidnap an party member whenever he chooses. This arcane system is now, however, automated, and functions intermittently. Any character who returns from this magical imprisonment has no memory of it, but has a nagging feeling that they're being watched.