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D&D 1E Tell me about your AD&D 1E house rules


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Some amusing mis-reads when I started playing...
LOL our worst mis-read was the d4. The instructions read "read the number at the bottom of the die" or something. We were so confused as there was 3 numbers on the bottom! So, we added them up... what else could we do? So, a d4 always resulted in a total of 6-9. Our magic-users had tons of HP for a little while before we figured it out. Oi... :rolleyes:

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The only thing I remember was that we had an exploding crit. If you rolled a nat 20, you rolled again. A 2nd nat 20 was 4x damage and another roll. A Third nat 20 was instant death.

3 consecutive 20’s only happened once in 4 years. My wizard threw a dagger at a T-Rex type monster mostly out of desperation. 20-20-20. The dagger went right into the creature’s eye and skewered its brain. Woooooooo!

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