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Telling your FR god to sod off


That's Latin for "cool"
Scenario: There exists a cleric. For talking purposes he is level 1. He decides that his god is not the god he wants to follow. The character retains his alignment. The god in question has "good" as a domain (I said Pelor above, but really any Lawful or Neutral good God will do).

What would happen according to "da r00lz"? Books used are all WotC books, no d20 (sorry guys, not my call on that) and the setting is the Forgotten Realms.

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First Post
He looses all cleric spells, turning, and domain powers until he joins a new faith. He must recieve an atonement spell from a cleric of the diety he now wished to follow. Then he will become a cleric of that diety, and must choose two new domains available from the new diety's list.

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