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Patreon Temple Map Icons on Patreon


February’s theme for the Inkwell Ideas Patreon (something like a monthly subscription) of map icon mini-sets is Temples. We are creating new icons each month thanks to artist/cartographer Keith Curtis, who has done the bulk of the map icons for our software. These icons are transparent PNGs, easily usable in most map and image editors.

The icons feature a temple for each main cleric domain, plus a few others. We picked the core cleric domains for D&D 5e and made a specific temple icon evocative of each. To get to a full set of 15, we added a few more from prior editions of the game, or that simply fit a common god from real mythology. For example, while agriculture isn't a popular domain in an RPG, many real gods represent some aspect of agriculture. Plus, common people are likely to worship a god who promises a good growing season.

There is a bit of backstory for this map as well, but I'll save that for the post with the classic versions of these icons.

And don't forget, if you're interested in HD (double the resolution/pixels) versions of these icons, we added a new pledge level that gives you all 4 icons sets plus the HD versions of this set. Each month as part of the Patreon, we’ll have 4 map icon sets: isometric map icons (good for Worldographer, but usable in Hexographer 1 as well–see the image below); more flat/classic & 1e style icons for Worldographer or Hexographer; more dungeon and building interior graphics perfect for Dungeonographer; and more city/village building icons designed for Cityographer or the Worldographer city/village functionality.

All the graphics will be transparent PNGs, so they should be usable in other map & image editors as well.

As before, we post previews of each set, and then make a single paid post near the end of the month with the actual graphic sets. Our plan is to do just one set of each type per month in one paid post. (One set of 15+ isometric icons, one set of 15+ city icons, one set of 15+ dungeon/building interior icons, one set of 15+ flat/classic world map icons.)


Note: Only the temple icons are part of the Patreon. The terrain icons in the image above are built into Worldographer.

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And here's our classic version of the map:

And a mini-backstory:
Over 100 years ago, a war between the gods began. Most believe the god of trickery managed to set the god of the forge against the god of agriculture. The god of knowledge tried to mediate, but ended up creating a third side. All the gods became involved, and often their supporters were backing multiple sides! The only “winners” were the gods of war and the the grave (aka afterlife).

Eventually realizing war was not sustainable, the god of the grave brokered a truce which included the stipulation that each god create a major temple in the Orfang mountains so each god’s leaders can easily meet and hopefully avoid misunderstandings. All temples are in the mountains but a few are at the very edge for agreed upon reasons: The god of the tempest wished his temple to be near water; the god of agriculture’s temple is on a high, but farmable steppe; the god of nature’s temple is in a forested mountains area. The god of trickery’s temple is still located near the center…

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