Ten Free D&D 5e Adventures from Limitless Adventures

The kind folks at Limitless Adventures have ponied up a special anthology, free to everyone, and they really wanted the EN World readers to know about it. Ten different scenarios from ten of their published modules.


Ten encounters easily dropped into any campaign.

Comes with 10 encounters, a village smithy, and a warlock social club, 36 adventure hooks, two new monsters, and a magic sword.

Tags: Brimstone Club Warlock, Brother Forge, Combat, Construct, Dragon, Duergar, Ghast, Giant, Half-Red Dragon Wyvern, HillGiant, Homunculus, Humanoid, Lamia, Mimic, Monstrosity, Orc, Role Play, Skill Challenge, Spy, Undead, Werewolf

"Thank you to the 5e DnD community for making our first year a success. Here's 10 encounters for your campaign from 10 different modules. No strings, no mailing lists." - Andy Hand

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