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Well, that was fun
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This page is for testing templates. Templates are created and edited in this forum.
[h=1]Warning Box[/h]
[template]Warning Box|Text|More Text[/template]
[template]Warning Box
| 1=Warning Title
| 2=This is a warning of some kind.
[h=1]Pathfinder Feat[/h]
[template]Pathfinder Feat
| name=Experimental Strike (Theme Feat)
| description=Scientific breakthroughs are born of both careful study and wild experimentation. Your old reliable attack technique has failed, so it’s time to try option B.
| benefit=Whenever you miss with all attacks during a full attack action, you may immediately make one additional attack at your highest base attack bonus. You must use this attack for some purpose other than directly attacking an enemy, such as slicing a rope to pin an enemy with a chandelier, or smashing a pipe to spray blinding steam on an enemy. You may select one additional martial weapon with which you are proficient.
| special=You can acquire only one theme feat.

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