Release Thay Land Of The Red Wizards (Fantasy Grounds)

Fantasy Grounds

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New Release
Thay Land Of The Red Wizards (Fantasy Grounds)
From Grim Press

Known to the wider Forgotten Realms® as a sinister land
of Red Wizards, slavers, and marching undead armies,
Thay is the distant—or uncomfortably close—a menace that
“may become our doom if Szass Tam turns his attention
in our direction.”

And Thay is that, but it is also so much more. A truly
magical land (thanks to a secret that even the goddess
Mystra helps to keep) of rich culture, a rising middle class,
ambitious nobles and Red Wizards who fear Szass Tam
more than they hate him, but may soon be forced to defy
him, and wealth beyond the imaginings of even wealthy
and proud realms elsewhere.

This tome is your guide to the Thay of right now, a
a valuable resource for Dungeon Masters and players alike.

It sets forth the people and places of the Land of Red
Wizards, what life is like, and seeds, hints, and secrets
sufficient to spur adventures for years of enjoyment at
your gaming table.
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