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D&D 5E The Amethyst Dragon's Hoard of Everything - Now on Kickstarter

The Amethyst Dragon

Creator: The Amethyst Dragon's Hoard of Everything
A Collection of Everything for Everyone


The Amethyst Dragon's Hoard of Everything is a 575-page supplement filled more than 1,700 original creations for adventurous 5e players and DMs/GMs to use in their games, including new subclasses, new species and ancestries, additional feats and added abilities, new items and equipment, new spells, new magic items, treasures, points of interest, plot hooks, unique NPCs, monsters, and more.

Those who delve into the hoard will find:
  • 4 revised species & 2 new species (races)
  • 59 new ancestries (subraces)
  • 6 character backgrounds
  • class feature additions & updates
  • 108 subclasses
  • 40 feats
  • 13 fighting styles
  • 46 martial techniques (extra options for martial classes as they advance in level)
  • 128 pieces of adventuring gear
  • 433 spells
  • new actions like guard and taunt
  • new conditions, including diseased, intoxicated, and hallucinating
  • crafting skill and tool uses
  • 30 places and points of interest
  • 39 plot hooks and story starters
  • 528 magical items
  • 31 unique nonmagical treasures
  • expanded mechanics for poisons and diseases
  • 20 diseases and 40 poisons
  • ways to make adventuring more challenging in certain circumstances
  • fantasy metals, minerals, and materials to find around the world
  • fantastic plants and fungi that don't (usually) pose a direct threat to player characters
  • 62 unique foes and NPCs
  • 115 monsters and multi-use NPCs

The Kickstarter campaign to turn this already finished collection into a physical, hardcover book is live. Backers can expect the funded books to be delivered well before Xmas 2024.

Hundreds of the creations collected in The Amethyst Dragon's Hoard of Everything can be found for free at amethyst-dragon.com, for those who just can't wait, and there is a 25-page preview (with pages taken right from the book). This sourcebook holds 3x the game content you'll find in one of the more well-known "of everything" books that have been around for years.

Nothing in this book was generated by AI. All of the writing in the book is the work of one person, and all artworks were created by the author or other human artists (commissioned pieces, purchased stock art, and public domain works).

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The Amethyst Dragon

Creator: The Amethyst Dragon's Hoard of Everything
Two weeks left to get in on this campaign and get yourself (or someone you know) a hardcover and/or digital version of this book before Xmas.

Give yourself and your players hundeds of new and unusual options to customize characters and new things to encounter.

  • Do you want to play a bard that dances through the battlefield while wielding deadly fans?
  • Is your character the Chosen One who's given an oath to wield divine light against creatures of darkness?
  • Do you have dreams of being a warrior so deadly with a blade that you can cut through a foe so quickly they don't realize right away that they're dead?
  • Have you ever found yourself playing in a game where arcane magic is illegal, but you still want to play a wizard?
  • Do your barbarian dreams involve being able to topple even giant dragons with your great strength?
  • Does your new sorcerer get their power from a fiendish pact, allowing them to cast spells of darkness and spiders?
  • Are you looking for ways to make use of your adventuring dwarf's proficiency with leatherworker's tools?
  • Can your chef character make something edible out of that gelatinous cube the party just defeated?

  • Do you want to introduce reasons for characters to treasure those features that make them immune to diseases?
  • Are you tired of every poison and venom being basically the same?
  • Would you enjoy having the PCs ecounter a party of unusual, low-level adventurers who are just trying to make their own way in the world?
  • Does the party need a higher level foe that just keeps coming back, no matter how many times they kill her?
  • Do you want ways to make that volcano quest particularly challenging?
  • Do you need more werecreatures in your world and ways to make them a bit more frightening?
  • Are you sending the party on the search for a tree that produces a fruit needed for an expensive beverage for the prince?
  • Are you always looking for sidequest ideas or plot hooks to dangle in front of the players?
  • Does the local herbalist want to sell something other than herbalism kits and healer's kits?
  • Do you want unusual magic items that won't be totally useless or make the party overpowered
All of this and so much more can be at your fingertips by backing (and hopefully sharing) this Kickstarter campaign: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/theamethystdragon/the-amethyst-dragons-hoard-of-everything


The Amethyst Dragon

Creator: The Amethyst Dragon's Hoard of Everything
The Kickstarter campaign for this book is winding down.

With only a few days left, it will not fund during this run. I will be retooling a few things and relaunching in the relatively near future, with a greater focus on marketing and outreach to bloggers/streamers/influencers and to FLGSs.

If you would like to be kept updated on the book's status and the relaunch, you can pledge to the current campaign to get updates through Kickstarter (it won't cost any money, since this first run won't hit the goal). If you want to get the same updates, plus keep up with the brand new homebrews I create 2-3 times each week, or on anything else I do, you can visit amethyst-dragon.com to sign up for the monthly newsletter I'll be starting soon.

The Amethyst Dragon

Creator: The Amethyst Dragon's Hoard of Everything
Would you consider releasing the book on DriveThruRPG or DM's Guild?
I am planning on releasing the book on DriveThruRPG, after the hardcover books are delivered to backers and FLGSs.

I never post anything to DM's Guild, because I've read their terms and conditions.
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The Amethyst Dragon

Creator: The Amethyst Dragon's Hoard of Everything
How are the two new races/species?
The two new species are the hajitu (a Large humanoid species) and the beastfolk (which has nine mammalian ancestries/subraces ranging from Tiny to Medium in size).

The hajitu is only in the book, while the beastfolk were written a few years ago and are available on Patreon.

I've had four different players use the beastfolk in my games (bearfolk, mousefolk, racoonfolk, and squirrelfolk) in three different campaigns. They worked out well, except for the 2nd level mousefolk cleric who made a very bad choice and got stomped flat by a Gargantuan dinosaur the group had been easily outrunning.
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