Level Up (A5E) The Berserker Rage HP Cap Makes No Sense

Polearm Savant is still great too, although I’d avoid the feat tax given the buff to two-weapon fighting.
A5E also has more interesting weapon properties, so the "feat tax" to have the additional attack as bonus action is no longer necessary if you use a weapon with the "defensive" trait.
So you can have a sword and board berserker (historically plausible btw), that either gains +1 on AC, or can attack with the shield as a bonus action. That attack can either do damage (not much) and eventually trigger furious crits, or you can use it to shove/knock prone.

Also, you can have very similar benefits to the old Polearm Master feat by taking appropriate combat maneuvers.
Or you can move away from Polearm Master: going back to the sword and board example before, you could use the Lean Into It maneuver, so each attack forces the enemy to make a Str save or be knocked prone.

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Just wondering... since the Rage Hitpoints are Hitpoints and not Temporary Hitpoints...
Does this raise the maximum hp you can have?
Can someone heal you up to your sum of hp and rage hp?
I treat em like temporary hit points they can be healed up till they expire.

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