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The "Best of EN World" Art Show Thread

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First Post
Is their an easy way to extract an image from a post in order to repost it (besides saving the image and re-posting it)?

DMAC's Mario stuff needs to be added.

Find an image, right click, select 'copy image location.' (If you're using a Mac, I can't help you.)

Create a reply to this thread, and type <img>paste the address</img>. But replace the < with [ brackets.


First Post
I dig Muppets, man.

Rock out.

Plus, everyone is harder on their sketches than they should be. Personally I ADORE sketches, often more than the finished product. Much like this.


Storn's sketches are so sexy.
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Woot, Hunter's Korbach pic made it in here. I played Korbie for almost two years. That's great.

*Goes off to check out some of the other great stuff here*

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