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The Black Feather´s newest book,The Weathermay´s Survival Guide to the Mists is already avaliable at DMs Guild.
WEATHERMAY'S SURVIVAL GUIDE TO THE MISTS - Dungeon Masters Guild | Dungeon Masters Guild

A dark tome of 433 pages, The Weathermay´s Survival Guide to the Mists includes:

- Introduction. A chapter explaining the world of Ravenloft, basic premises of the campaign setting, its roots in gothic horror and its publication history.
- 4 New Races. This chapter contains new and forgotten races from other editions, such as the Calibans, the Shadow Fey, the Half Vistani and the Darklings, in a total of 4 races, 23 subraces and 1 variant.
- 13 New Subclasses. This chapter presents one subclass for each of the official D&D character classes, including the Voodan Artificer - a talisman maker, the Monk of the Order of the Guardians, among others.
- Hunting Tools. This chapter presents mundane and magical equipment for the characters to fight the forces of evil, containing an approach to firearms, in addition to presenting 8 new mundane items and 7 new magical items.
- Outcasts. This chapter presents an optional rule about the effects of social rejection of characters within the more insular cultures of Ravenloft, bringing the isolation and fear of the unknown present in gothic horror as narrative tools.
- Languages in the Lands of Mists. Aiming to reproduce the isolation of gothic horror, this chapter presents optional rules to avoid the use of the “common language” in the Lands of Mists and presents around 30 languages and dialects.
- Religions. In this chapter we present a complete list of all 22 known religions of the Lands of Mists, from the best known such as the Church of Ezra, and the Cult of the - Morninglord to others that are more obscure and unknown.
- Secret Societies. In this chapter we present 16 benign or neutral secret societies that will serve as patrons, allies or non-malignant antagonists for players, such as the Keepersof the Black Feather and the Van Richten Society.
- Legacies of Blood. In this chapter we present 27 new backgrounds inspired by the great families of the Lands of the Mists.
- Magic in Ravenloft. This chapter focuses on magic in Ravenlfot and discusses how its effects can be altered in the Demiplane of Dread, the power of curses, and even 10 new spells to use at your game.

Along with many Dread Possibilities for adventures.

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