WotBS The Burning Sky, The Dark Pyre and the Rightful Ruler


So, my party has decided to take a detour before their detour to Naamis to try to end the Burning Sky by quenching the Dark Pyre in Korstull.

So they've learned that Griiat and the Dark Pyre are somehow connected and they saw that the Pyre dimmed once the undead inquisitor got killed. They know that Griiat will eventually return "unless the rightful ruler of Ragesia returns to the throne of Korstull". And they just happen to know that General Magdus is said "rightful ruler" as they revived Coaltongue who basically made him successor.

What they plan to do is pretty straightforward: Storm Korstull again, kill Griiat if necessary and let Magdus sit on the throne.

Now I'm wondering what is and what isn't connected to the Return of Griiat and what consequences would arise if they did this.

Well, at least it should end the reanimation of Griiat. But what about the Dark Pyre and the Burning Sky? Would the Dark Pyre remain crippled? Would it go out? Would the Burning Sky stop burning? Would it simply lose intensity? Or would it only stop the fiery rain over Korstull?

My party has also already completely restored the Torch by waking Trilla, so using the corrupted Torch as an excuse to let the sky burn on would be a bit illogical. After all, the sky started burning because of the Torch's malfunction at the hands of Rhuarc. And the Dark Pyre/Planar Rift was basically the remaining reason for the effect.

What I'm toying with is the following:
Griiat's end would quench the Dark Pyre if the Ruler sits on the Throne with the Torch in his hands (without the Torch, no Griiat, but the Pyre would remain intact but crippled). This would also stop the Firestorm over Korstull, but not the Burning Sky. For the Rift had already spread to the Aquiline Heart and now has taken root in the world - basically an unending fuel for the Burning Sky. And only if they use the Torch on the Heart the rift can be sealed for good.

Does that sound reasonable?