EN Publishing The Cauldron: A Novel by Russ Morrissey

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Well, that was fun
Staff member


Well, that was fun
Staff member
The Cauldron is a novel coming this year from Russ Morrissey. It has been described as "Game of Thrones in space" and is set in a galaxy in turmoil as ancient evils rise and powerful Houses vie for power.


Feudal Houses vie for power across the vast depths of space.

When House Brotharion instigates a siege of Concordant, the galaxy is thrown into turmoil. Old alliances are broken, and ancient grudges resurface. The Ministers of the Sapphire Star scheme and plot, and the singularity known as The Burn starts to awaken.

As starfleets move, gangsters collude, and pirates find themselves unlikely saviors, something evil stirs. Something from the very dawn of time.

Amongst the ambitions of archdukes and princes, heroes and villains will rise and fall as the destiny of the galaxy is played out. The galaxy known only as The Cauldron.

A novel by Russ Morrissey. Coming soon.

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If so, it’s not deliberate. I’ve never read/watched(?) Sailor Moon.

It is basically one of the last chapters in the Manga... the Cauldron is the place where all Stars and Star Spirits/Seeds in the galaxy are born. The rest is a pretty complicated mess of time travel and kind of an allegory on the threat of... entropy I guess :D

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