Release The Complete Thaumaturgic Codex - PoD Edition!

Bloodstone Press has recently released the The Complete Thaumaturgic Codex! This 50-page PoD contains 77 spells and 46 magic items for the 5th edition of world's greatest roleplaying game. Many of these spells first appeared in Bloodstone's earlier 3rd edition and Pathfinder titles. They have now all been revised and updated to 5th edition. Although much of this content is for Wizards, there is something here for every class.


This PoD edition contains the following content:​

All 20 spells from The Thaumaturgic Codex Book I including:

  • Dissipation. Help your enemies be in two places at once by teleporting only some of them away!
  • Kaleidoscopic Strike. A burst of mind bending colors sends your weakest enemies to their graves. Those strong enough to survive are left stricken with psychedelic trauma.
  • Malefic Susurrations. This spell fills your voice with horrific, rasping noises from the lower planes.
  • Encumbering Load. Pit the strength of your mind against the strength of your opponent's back! See them crushed under your mighty intellect!
  • Soul Smite. Make sure they feel your attacks deep, deep inside!

All 20 spells from the Thaumaturgic Codex Book II including:

  • Beastly Transformation. Turn your pet cat or dog into a deadly beast!​
  • Storm Door. Need to thicken the "fog of war?" Open a storm door and fill the area with ferocious demons!​
  • Creeping Shadows. Who needs friends when your enemies are delusional?​
  • Concussive Blast. Surrounded? We've got a spell for that. Enemies are better when they are 20 feet away, prone, and bleeding.​
  • Rainbow Warriors. Imbue your targets with powers associated with the color you assign them. The Red Warrior spills blood while the Blue Warrior wields magical cold.​
  • Shadow Spray. Seven shades of darkness spray from your hands and render your enemies cursed, paralyzed, or dead!​

All 20 spells from the Thaumaturgic Codex Book III including:

  • Diaphanous Shift. Become ghostly and transparent, gaining resistance to weapon damage with this 3rd level spell.​
  • Labyrinthine Conundrum. Preoccupy your enemies with a contagious, unsolvable riddle!​
  • Salty Wounds. Inflict debilitating pain upon your injured foes!​
  • Soul Power. Bolster yourself or your allies! Gain protection from necrotic damage and bonuses on your d20 rolls!​
  • Rolling Rock. A small boulder emerges from the earth and rolls over your enemies!​
  • Terra Form. Become a giant, stone creature, infused with the power of the earth!​

All 37 items from 37 Magic Items including:

  • Boots of the Mounted Champion. Ride any beast!​
  • Blanket of Solace. Protects you from the cold and from your enemies!​
  • Compass of Direction. This handy compass finds a lot more than magnetic North!​
  • Headband of Thought Projection. Create 3D images of your thoughts!​
  • Net of Negation. The perfect weapon for anyone hunting witches, wizards, or sorcerers!​


The Complete Thaumaturgic Codex also features new content.

17 new spells including:

  • Defensive Screen. Take cover behind these whirling discs of force!​
  • Disembowel. Make your enemies spill their guts!​
  • Flaming Vortex. Fire is bad. Winds make it worse!​
  • Ineffectual Attacks. Bend reality to soften your enemy’s attacks!​
  • Instant Karma. It’ll get you every time!​

9 new magic items including:

  • Figurines of Wondrous Power. (Granite Ape, Sandstone Camel, and Turquoise Turtle)​
  • Drums of Dancing. When you hear that rhythm, you've just got to move!​
  • Warning Statue. These statues are placed near the entrances to important buildings and alert their owners to intruders!​

The School of Shadow:

The school of shadow is a mix of necromancy, darkness, and dimensional magic. It includes abilities for wizards that specialize in shadow and a spell list that repurpose some OGL spells and uses several of the new spells presented in this Complete Thaumaturgic Codex.



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