The contests are OVER! Thanks very much to everyone for playing!


Fantasy & Sci-Fi Books, Movies and TV. I have learned more there, and been inspired to spend more money, than in the General or Rules forums (although it is close).

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Hmm, that is an interesting question. I think I have to go with the Story Hour forum though. It is a lot of fun to read about other people's games. It is also good for jumpstarting the imagination.


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Art Gallery, Cartography & Miniatures Painting

I just like all sorts of visual aids. Even managed to get some PC drawings from our local artists (brak1 and Kip the Bold).

OK, contest 13 is now closed!

The winner:

NiTessine !

Congrats! Please send me an email with your book selection and mailing address.

Thanks to everyone else for playing, contest 14 will start very soon!



BFG, you've got mail...

This is a cool contest indeed, especially since not many are willing to ship prizes outside the continental United States. Thank you.

*Scurries off with his fresh-won Banewarrens.*


To enter a chance to win a book from the list on post one, simply post to this thread with a number between 2-48. When all the numbers have been selected, I will roll 2 d24's to randomly select the winner.

One entry per person - please be careful not to select a number that has already been chosen!


Poster Bard said:
Thank you, BFG, for doing this. It is a very cool thing and a fun way to pass the days. Good luck with the ENNIES Judge thing, too! :)

Thank YOU for the encourgament! You have prompted me to start the next contest early.

Looks like the encumbent gig will again be hard to break this year. I am having fun regardless of the judging outcome though. I'm sure the ENnies selections will be in good hands no matter what - these guys have done a great job...
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