The contests are OVER! Thanks very much to everyone for playing!

OK - the winner number is 16!

now- to find out who that is...


The winner of contest #14 is Harker Wade !

Congrats ! - please send me an email with your book preference and mailing address. I'll be mailing these books out together after the contests are over to save my self trips to the post office.

Thanks for playing!
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Harker Wade

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I'd like to thank Big Freakin Goblinoid and the Academy. And most of all my supervisor for leaving early today so I could go EN message board. :D
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CONTEST 15 OPEN NOW: ( starting with Corinth's post above! )

Since many of the "best" books have been taken already, this time the winner will select TWO books from the remaining items on the list. To enter, post to this thread with your answer to the following question:

What brought you to/OR/how did you find ENWorld?

Only one post per person will counted for the contest.

I'll roll % dice in the morning, and count posts to find the winner, rolling again if there are less posts than my die roll.



I think I first came here through a link from WotC's site, back when 3E was just a distant shadow in the horizon. I remember the red text on black background, and the combat examples with Ember against the halfling rogues, Krusk against the evil wizard, and Tordek against what I misread as Tyrantfrog zombies. I remember also wondering what, exactly, is a Tyrantfrog, and why would anyone raise a frog as undead...


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followed over from eric noah's page. Initially I was just trying to find more info on 3.0 and d20 and encountered eric noah's page.

I forget the exact website that linked me here for the first time, but it was when the WotC Setting search was just announced, and I was sucked into the internet frenzy that contest caused.

I never even got around to sending in my submission! I'm sure I would have been a finalist... ;)


I found Eric Noah site when I first got my home computer, November of 2000. I searched for Dungeons and dragons and found it. HAven't left since.

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