The Continuing Adventures of the Knights of the Silver Quill: Glacier Season

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Damn, that Anti-Magic-Field is pretty neat!!! :D

But Knights, please control your bloodlust - I would love to see the end of the adventure, when it turns out that Dartan is really the new champion of Tharizdun and that he and his father (who is from now on wearing jet-black armor) will rule the world in big T.'s stead. Awesome !!!

Hey Doc, please add a breathing device to Dartan's dad's helmet and tell him: "Dartan, I'm your father. Join me now and we will rule this world as father and son."


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My group accidentally slaughtered Kella. During the surprise round the cleric cast a Flame Strike in the room, and the Elven Archer shot the Ogre that had 'miraculously' survived the spell, that others hadn't ;-)


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Nice! I just discovered this SH, and I'm loving it. Spent most of the day reading the website and previous thread. This promises to be fun!


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Very good ideas Xaltar. I've been working on the backend of my site for about a month. It is pretty expansive and covers alot of campaign material. It was, in a way, modeled after the Knights of the Silver Quill Homepage.

The campaign pages are going to have some really neat features. The session journal entries will have a function that will allow players to add their own comments so they can go back and look at their own notes in the future.

The database has a place for the current date of the campaign, the next scheduled game... stat blocks for characters tied to each campaign... organizations and adventuring bands as they tie to the party or NPCs met along the way. As well as a Magic Item database that ties each item to the pc or npc that owns it. Its all coming along nicely... hope to be done with it this weekend.


Dr Midnight

Hey there people-
Finished moving, or at least the worst parts of it. Have my phone hooked up,
so now I can access the "world-wide inter-web" as I understand it's referred
to. By harnessing the power of my "modem ram", I can access the "information

The new apartment is smaller, smells odd, no carpets, no microwave, no
dishwasher, etc... It's a little depressing compared to my old apartment...
but it's $150 less. Oh well.

I have a ton of stuff to do this week.
-draw sketches for KenzerCo
-find suitable miniature for RttToEE end encounter :D
-get cable turned on
-prepare game for Feng Shui run on Saturday with Piratecat and five other
-mack on the honeys
-continue to move things around in new apartment
-write up KotSQ story hour for you good folk
-clean up old apartment so my security deposit comes back

Hmm. Written in list form like that, it's not nearly as daunting as it
was... Maybe I'll survive the week.

Next chapter coming... tonight? Tomorrow? Sometime before Thursday, for
certain. Hang in there.


Liquid Awesome
Dude, you seriously need to get your priorities in order. I strongly recommend you re-order the list above so that:

-write up KotSQ story hour for you good folk

is at the top of the list and is closely followed by:

-mack on the honeys

And you call yourself a doctor!


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Dr. Midnight how far are you on the next post and when do you think you'll be done. Please Hurry:)
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Dr Midnight

It'll be done by Thursday, but I can't know when I'll be able to do it. Maybe I'll find some free time at work today. I really do have a ton of stuff hounding me to death here.

I guess I'll try to wrap it up tonight.


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Wee Jas said:
Whats a Gorgoldon?

(Dartan knows.. but since when did he start caring?) ;)

The "father" of jamison, also a gold dragon. Owns the Silver Quill...

Wait, now that I look at it, the word is different. "Gorgoldand" is jamison's father, what a "gorgoldon" is, I have no clue...
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I think that Wee Jas's point is that our current party has never heard of him and has no idea who/what he is. The only one that would know would be Dartan and the conversation would mostly go like this:

Vek: "Who or what is a Gorgoldand?"
Dartan: "Doesn't matter"
Vek: "Don't you think that we should know?"
Dartan: "Nah"

- Xaltar

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