The Continuing Adventures of the Knights of the Silver Quill: Glacier Season

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Dr. Midnight how far are you on the next post and when do you think you'll be done. Please Hurry:)
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Dr Midnight

It'll be done by Thursday, but I can't know when I'll be able to do it. Maybe I'll find some free time at work today. I really do have a ton of stuff hounding me to death here.

I guess I'll try to wrap it up tonight.


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Wee Jas said:
Whats a Gorgoldon?

(Dartan knows.. but since when did he start caring?) ;)

The "father" of jamison, also a gold dragon. Owns the Silver Quill...

Wait, now that I look at it, the word is different. "Gorgoldand" is jamison's father, what a "gorgoldon" is, I have no clue...
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I think that Wee Jas's point is that our current party has never heard of him and has no idea who/what he is. The only one that would know would be Dartan and the conversation would mostly go like this:

Vek: "Who or what is a Gorgoldand?"
Dartan: "Doesn't matter"
Vek: "Don't you think that we should know?"
Dartan: "Nah"

- Xaltar

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