The Continuing Adventures of the Knights of the Silver Quill

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Dr Midnight


This is the new thread for the Knights' adventures on the new ENboards.

To read the entire story up until now, click here.

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MOST RECENTLY: two thirds of the party was lost to the machinations of the Temple of All-consumption. The two remaining heroes, Dartan and Menerous Maximus, find four new companions in Verbobonc and travel back to the Temple.
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Dr Midnight

Just to recap...

Session 31
Moonday, 24th of Suns'ebb

Menerous and Dartan walked for three days in the snowy woodlands east of Rastor and the Temple. Serene led them onwards toward a city she'd seen from high in the sky, once. When they crested a hill and looked over it, they were impressed. Here was a rather large city- almost as large as Greyhawk itself, Dartan noted- with thirty-foot wooden walls lining the entire edge. The wooden planks were mortared in place and tied tight. A high gate blocked the way into the city. Several armed guardsmen stood by the gate and reacted with alarm on sight of the two Knights. "Halt! Drop your weapons, announce your name, and step forward!" one shouted. Dartan and Menerous did as they were told.

They man approached them under heavy crossbow cover and looked them over. "What's your business in Verbobonc?"

Menerous answered "We seek new companions for an ongoing quest."

The man nodded and said "All right, collect your weapons and enter freely. However, know that we aren't tolerating any religious malcontents. If you're holy men fleeing the area to the west, you're welcome here, but if you start trouble... we'll end it. Understood?"

The two Knights said yes, they understood. They were allowed into the city. Icy cobbled streets twisted and turned through a bustling cityscape. Merchants and free people did business with smiles and open doors. "Nice place," Menerous said. "First item of business is we find a decent weapons shop." A passing pedestrian overheard and pointed them towards Ohanna Steelworks, just three blocks away.

On entering Ohanna Steelworks, a bell rang above the door and a mustachioed man stepped from the back room, wiping his sooty hands with a cloth. "Welcome, friends," he said. "What can I do for you?"

"We're looking to offload some items, or trade up," Menerous said. He took the Air sword from his pack and laid it on the table.

The man whistled and picked it up. "That's a beauty. Where'd you get a blade like this?"

"It's something we uncovered in the Air section of the Temple of All-Consumption." At the man's confused glance, Menerous added "...a part of the Temple of Elemental Evil." At this, the man's face froze.

"You... what are you doing fussing around those parts?" the man said. "Everyone knows the Temple of Elemental Evil's been defunct for over a decade now."

"Not anymore. Tharizdun's followers are taking another go at it."

The man looked utterly confused. "Son, the Temple of Elemental Evil had nothing TO DO with Tharizdun. I should know- I was one of the adventurers who was there. Twelve years ago, I delved in with an adventuring party. Only I lived. I gave it up and came back here, for my daughters' sake. No point running around getting killed when you've got kin at home. Anyway, you're thinking Iuz and Zuggtmoy." Menerous sighed. Dartan quickly brought the man up to speed on the goings-on with the Temple. His face paled.

" here we are in Verbobonc," Dartan finished. "looking for new adventuring companions."

The man thought for a moment and said "If what you say is true, you're going to need someone who can organize some heavy-hitters in just a short while." The two nodded. "Well, then, I suggest you go to the local tavern."

Menerous said "What, just go into the nearest tavern and look for the mysterious man seated in the dark rear corner?"

"Yes and no. The 'man' will be my daughter, Katya. She frequents the Stove & Keg tavern. She knows people, and is likely to acquaint you with the adventuring types you seek."

Dartan and Menerous thanked him, traded some old weapons for a mightily enchanted new longsword, and left for the tavern.

They found the Stove & Keg easily enough. They opened the door and stepped inside. The tavern was populated with all manner of patrons. They stepped to the bar and ordered drinks, then found the woman in the dark rear corner of the tavern. The woman was cowled and wore a rapier on her belt. She stroked a cat that had curled up at the center of the table. "Katya Ohanna?" Menerous asked.

She lifted her head. "Yes?"

"Your father recommended we come and see you."

She lowered her cowl. Auburn hair spilled around her shoulders and cool green eyes looked them both over. "Sit," she said. They sat.

Menerous began. "He said you might be able to find some adventurers to fill out our group. Recently we took some heavy losses. We're spending time here in Verbobonc recuperating and recruiting new swords." He proceeded to give her the summary of their exploits with the Temple. Her eyes glinted.

She spoke. "You say the Temple and Tharizdun are directly related to the Eye of Heironeous?" Menerous nodded. Katya continued "Well, then. That would certainly explain some things. You might notice something, if you look about the room." They looked. For a moment it didn't make sense, and then it came together- there was a large number of tavern patrons wearing holy robes and wearing symbols. Almost every major religion in the Flanaess was represented here.

"Why...?" Menerous began.

"Because the Eye of Heironeous- and several other religions- have been recently using mob tactics to strongarm anyone they view as a 'heretic'. Many holy men and women have fled here to Verbobonc, where the religions of this 'Elemental Eye' have not yet taken root. This city has become host to thousands of weary travelers. I'm certain I know of a few who would like to take part in your quest. In fact, I can recommend two right now. Vek and Jettok would almost certainly enjoy a role in your adventure."

Dartan sneered. "What the hell is a Jettok?"

She smiled. "A Jettok is about four-foot-four of mean dwarven attitude, wielding a battleaxe. He's a follower of Kord. Vek- or Sir Vek, I should say, I don't know much about. He's a curious traveler who drifted into town a few days ago. Good conversationalist, and a deadly sword, if you hear him tell it. They're right here- I'll go fetch them both."

She stood and walked away, towards a dwarf at the bar entertaining listeners. The dwarf roared with laughter as he told his story. "So I cut the damn fool troll's head off! What happens? Grows right back!"

"What'd you do?" one listener asked.

"Cut it off again!" Jettok said. The crowd burst out laughing. Katya leaned over his shoulder and whispered into his ear. The dwarf nodded brusquely and stood.

Katya walked to another patron. This man sat alone at a table sipping at a thin glass of absinthe. He wore coal-black armor and had a shield leaning against his chair. The shield had a horrid vampire face carved into it- the fangs extended from the shield like spikes. When Katya spoke to him he smiled and nodded politely, then stood and followed them over. Menerous' blood chilled when he saw the holy symbol hanging about the man's neck. It was a stylized skull set within a wreath of flames. The symbol of Wee Jas, dark goddess of death and magic.

Katya stood and spoke. "Menerous Maximus and Dartan, may I present Jettok Taklin and Sir Vek Mormont."

More to come...


Glad you made it over, Doc, the new Story Hour just wouldn't be complete without KotSQ!

Looking forward to another great thread of action, drama, triumph, pathos, and betrayal...

Lazybones aka Faulpelz


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I hereby dub the KotSQ a five star story hour.

Keep up the good work, Doc.

...Well, I thought I was dubbing it a five star story hour. I've clicked on that rating twice now and it isn't showing up in the rating column. Anyhow, it is a great story hour regardless of whether the rating shows up or not.


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Yes. I was looking for KotSQ on the new boards.

Looks like there is new blood for the Temple!

Dr Midnight

Vek saw Menerous staring at his holy symbol with disdain and smiled. He leaned forward, extending his hand and grinning wide. "Very pleased to meet you, Menerous." The cleric of Pelor cringed and shook his hand, disgusted at the touch. Vek seemed to enjoy the discomfort he was causing. He, Jettok and Katya sat again.

Dartan said "Mormont? Why is that name familiar? Menerous, wasn't that the name of that house we destroyed up north? The one with the undead?"

Menerous stared and said "I'd have no idea- I wasn't with the group at the time." Dartan nodded, sadly.

"So you were the one who destroyed the house," Vek said.

Dartan turned to him. "Yes, we spent a night there. Burned the house down before we left."

"Then it seems I WILL be traveling with you. I owe you a great favor for breaking the curse that my ancestor's betrayal left upon the land. My sword is at your service."

Menerous said "We accept you into the group. Times are tough, we can't be picky." The two locked eyes for a moment.

Jettok said "I as well would most certainly join your company. I left my clan's grounds because of the influence of 'the Eye of Kord', an upstart new faction. They work with trolls. With TROLLS, by Grimthul's beard! I left and overheard some lute player singing about an adventuring group that had been locked in struggle with the Temple and their 'evil eye' or what-have-you. I've been on my way to Hommlet to find you, and here you fall into my lap!" he laughed. "Serving girl, get us another round!"

"So that's four," Dartan said. "We need at least one more. Who else would you suggest?"

Katya cleared her throat. "I was thinking I might go along."

"You? What can you do?"

She looked insulted. "I could put this rapier through your eye, for one. I can cast spells and weave the arcane threads. It's a gift I inherited from my father. Besides, he was an adventurer in the Temple twelve years ago. I consider it my bloodline's unfinished duty to pick up where he left off." Menerous and Dartan had no problems with that. The group was forged anew. Katya continued "Excellent. Shall we be off, then? I'd like to leave town before-"

The door to the tavern opened. A woman in gleaming plate armor stood outside. Her reddish hair shone with the fading sun. On her shoulder was Serene the owl.

Katya's face fell. "Damn it," she said under her breath. She pulled up her cowl, but it was too late- she was seen. Serene flew over to the table and landed next to the cat, who hissed and jumped into Katya's arms. The woman in armor walked over to the group. Katya looked up, annoyed. "What are you doing here, DEAR sister?"

Looking at the new woman, the resemblance was clear. Her hair was the same flowing auburn, her skin the same freckled cream, her eyes the same greenish hazel. The woman's proud posture and demeanor, however, stood out in contrast against Katya's own. "I'm not here to interfere in your shady dealings," she said. "I came across this owl. It appears to be the animal companion of a woman I've met before and befriended- Hannah, her name was. I was wondering if the owl would take me to her."

Menerous said "Hannah... passed away recently in our ongoing struggle with the Temple of Elemental -OW!" Katya had kicked him in the shin. Her face was tense.

"...Evil?" the woman finished. "I mourn Hannah's passing. She seemed too good a person to survive in this world. Are you recruiting new members? Katya, you knew I would want a chance to complete father's quest. For shame. My name is Kyla Ohanna. But give me the chance, and I will wield Pelor's might for you."

Menerous shook her hand, happy to have another follower of the Shining One. "We would be honored to welcome a fellow Pelor worshiper."

"A party of four clerics," Vek said to Dartan. "Interesting."

Dartan looked confused. He counted only Menerous, Kyla, and Jettok. Vek must have miscounted. "I'm not a cleric," he said to Vek.

"I am."


Katya sat, watching her goody-goody older sister charm and befriend the party. She petted her cat and said "Looks like we'll have 'Kyla the Pure' watching our every step again, Lucky." The apathetic cat lay dozily in her lap being petted. Katya continued to sulk beneath her hood. "She always ruins my fun."

More to come...


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Voting requires a critical mass, a certain number of votes before the rating shows up. Doc will get his 5 stars soon.

Rel said:
...Well, I thought I was dubbing it a five star story hour. I've clicked on that rating twice now and it isn't showing up in the rating column. Anyhow, it is a great story hour regardless of whether the rating shows up or not.


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Yay! Clerics rock!! and a cleric of wee jas too! sooooo cool! Dr. M, you rule! and so does everyone else in the group... GO KNIGHTS!!!! You need a new name, because you guys didn't go back to hommet. but whatever... GO KNIGHTS!!!!


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Well, I am a new convert to the worship of Dr Midnight and his wonderful group. I love how you have been playing ToEE. Some of the posts by Dr Midnight have nearly moved me to tears, and have moved my wife to tears. Keep up the good work Dr Midnight!


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Way to go !!!

Another long-time lurker emerges from hiding !!!

Thanks Doc n' group for these addicting tales. I haven't been these hooked since Stephen King's Green Mile, although your 31 sessions are quite impressive. If Dartan survives, you should consider publishing the story :D !!!

I hope the knights will fare well with four clerics and no mage. Being a big fan of arcane spellcasters, I dearly miss Jamison.
What's with you guys, at the level you are playing, wizards rock. And that temple's going to have some mages on their side!!!

Good luck & I hope no player died this time. Fry Tharizdun!


the Knight


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Hey Doc,
I've been a fan since your first posting, and will always be one. No matter who dies. That being said....

I just wanted to thank you for allowing us to visit your World every week. This is by far the best story hour on the net, IMHO. I think you should publish it. It is by far better than MOST of the D&D books I've read, and believe me, I've read a lot of them. :D


Dr Midnight

Damn! You guys are awesome. Every time I come check the boards there's someone who's never posted before telling me how much he likes it, and here I've got two people telling me I should publish.

You'll make an arrogant prick out of me.

The players are really fun to play with, and it comes through in the writing. With normal munchkins this couldn't happen. We've got some really interesting character concepts, played by clever roleplayers.

I'd love to buy you all a beer/dixie cup of lowfat milk and talk to you on a one-on-one level in a D&D party that goes until dawn. Makes me sad that I can't discuss the story with you outside of the message boards or invite you to sit in on a session. That'd be great.

Thanks for everything, and pay attention, because the best chunk for session 31 is coming up...
EDIT: Damn. Can someone tell me how to make the images show? I click off the "Automatically parse URLs" thing and it still happens.
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Dr Midnight

They walked outside and readied to leave. Vek mounted a sleek black stallion. Jettok mounted a small, knob-kneed pony. They looked at each other, their heads about four feet apart in height.

"My mount's name is Tsunami. What's yours?" Vek asked.


Dartan bought a horse for himself, and Menerous opted to walk. It was later wondered whether he walked to prove a point to Vek or not. The Ohanna sisters had one mount- Kyla's warhorse. Vek asked "Would one of you ladies care to ride with me?"

Kyla eyed him warily and said "Nay, we can ride together on this horse. Katya, come." She held out her hand. Katya looked back to Sir Vek and decided that she'd take him up on his offer. She walked over. "You're not actually going to ride with him, are you?" Kyla asked in veiled disgust.

"Why not?" Katya replied smugly.

"You're just being willful, like always." Kyla watched her sister step aboard the immense black warhorse, giggling girlishly. The cleric of Pelor sighed and cinched her reins.

"We ride!" The Knights of the Silver Quill left Verbobonc behind them.

Earthday, 27th of Suns'ebb

Over the three day journey, the effectively new party came to know each other. Jettok was a merry sort who enjoyed drink, jest, and combat- but he was altogether not entirely bright. Kyla was a stern, proud warrior of Pelor with good in her heart and steel in her gaze. She reminded Menerous too much of Angelique. Sir Vek Mormont was quiet. When he spoke, he often spoke with a wry smile, as though he were in on some joke that his listeners weren't aware of. He thoroughly disquieted Kyla and Menerous with the darkness he radiated. Katya was the younger and less mature of the two siblings. It was clear that she had a spiteful problem with Kyla's authority. It's perhaps what drove her to sit next to Vek each night as they ate around the campfire.

They walked over a snow-covered rise, and the majority of the Knights saw the Temple of All-Consumption for the first time. Crows circled around the black tower in a cloud. They could be seen from here.

Walking to the hill, Jettok looked over to see Katya scritching behind Lucky's ears. "Why'd you bring that cat to a dungeon?" he asked.

Katya looked offended. "Well, you brought that pony!"

He laughed. "Darlin', if your cat could get out and carry me, I'd be impressed."

At the entrance to the Mines, they tethered the horses and entered. They silently walked the length of the path to the bridge. Once crossing over the frozen Stalagos, the four new members stared in awe at the solid lake around them, filling a crater, upon which was built a construct of unworldly evil. Dartan and Menerous paid it no mind, as they'd passed this way several times before. They passed through the Outer Fane and came to the hallway with the gargoyle statues. They walked out into the yard.

Like a scene from Hell itself, the interior of the crater was a dry, cracked yard of uneven volcanic rock concealed by snow and draped with fingers of sulfurous mist. A hot, dry stench filled the air, burning the insides of their noses and mouths. At the center of the area, pounded down into a wound in the earth like a spike pounded into flesh, stood the black tower glistening with the dull sheen of iron. The ground seemed to recoil from the touch of the strange structure, so it was surrounded by the gaping trench of this wound, its black walls plunging downward out of sight. Cracks, exposing red, hellish light from below, started at the wound and crossed the yard. No windows existed on the tower, and the single door was accessible only via a narrow span bridge crossing over the wound.*

They walked out, breaking the crust of the snow. Kyla shouted "Look!" They looked to see several of the uneven mounds in the blasted yard move and shift. The snow spread aside to reveal undead creatures. Their frozen mouths cracked open and shut with the sounds of wood splintering.

The Knights drew their weapons and attacked. Vek's sword Talon, when pulled from its scabbard, looked like it had just been forged- it glowed dull red. He thrust it through a wight, and it screamed. Menerous and Dartan cut and slashed while Kyla attempted to turn the unholy creatures with Pelor's power. With a brief effort, the combat was over.

They approached the door. Dartan reached for a handle, and saw that the door had none. It was solid, flat iron. He began feeling it, prodding it. An iron face emerged from the door like a body floating to the surface of a black pond. Dartan jumped back, ready to fight. The face was an old man's, with eyes closed and features made of iron.

"Who are you?" it asked.

"Oh great..." Dartan stood and straightened himself. "We are the Knights of the Silver Quill."

The face asked "Why have you come here?"

"We have come to find the Champion of Elemental Evil."

"Enter." The door opened, swinging inward. Before stepping in, Dartan and Jettok peered inside. The room was very dark, and it took their eyes a moment to adjust. When they did, they were looking at a room the circumference of the entire tower, thirty feet high, with a wrought-iron staircase at the other side. Then, they saw the two half-dragon tyranosaurs.

The whole party gasped in fear, but said nothing- they didn't want to alert the door to the fact that something might be wrong. No one spoke. The tyranosaurs didn't attack. After a year-long moment, Jettok stepped into the room. He walked slowly towards the staircase at the back. The half-dragon tyranosaurs turned their heads to watch him as he walked. Their deep, rumbling breaths echoed off the iron walls and stone in here, creating a haunting effect that seemed to say exactly what the situation was: something big and dangerous is in the room with you. Jettok continued to walk as sweat beaded on his forehead.

The blue dragon lowered its head. Jettok stopped. Its mouth was roughly two feet from the brave dwarf. He could see its teeth. He could smell its breath. He faintly realized he was terrified. The thing sniffed at him then pulled back. He walked the rest of the way to the staircase and clung to the railing like it was the only thing holding him up from a long fall.

Sir Vek was next to walk out across. As he did, Menerous turned to Dartan and said "I really thought they were going to attack Jettok. I really did."

From behind them: "Why would you think they would attack?" The group gasped and looked- the iron face had pressed itself through this side of the door, and was regarding them suspiciously.

Menerous' face paled. "Uh... no reason! We'll be on our way now." With wide eyes he turned and urged the group forward. The half-dragons were beginning to look at them with an odd light in their gazes. The group hustled past the creatures, which were taking slow steps toward the group with thunderous noise. When the group got to the staircase they broke into a run for the top. The dragons advanced, too late.

The Knights burst into the second level, huffing, faces pale and mouths gaping for breath. The encounter had been horrifying. On this level there was an odd purple stone column rising from the floor to the ceiling, widening as it did. Its surface was pearlescent. Dark shapes played behind the shining. Around the column were six doors. The doors stood apart from the column- they were just upright, separate doors.

Menerous and Dartan savored the feeling when the party deemed the doors too risky to deal with, and ascended the switchback stairs to the third level. Jamison was missed, but at a time like this, they were rather glad he wasn't around to touch, open, pull, push, and grab things.

On the third level, the purple column of the floor below continued upward. It was wider here, and wider yet at the ceiling. From around the column stepped a mighty demon with claws of razor-fire and a maw like a horse's skull. The Knights did him in with no great trouble. Seeing he had nothing of value, they moved on.

On the fourth floor, the column was so wide that it only left a ten-foot wide corridor leading around the tower. Into the top step was carved the legend:

The Dark God's favor smiles upon those willing to risk much to gain much.

From around the column of colored stone came a voice that sounded like two slabs of ice grating together. "Come around here and see if the fortune of the deities smiles upon you."

With weapons drawn they walked around the column. On the other side they found a solitary skeletal figure dressed in dark robes, sitting at an altar. Behind it was a row of lit candles. In its hands it shuffled a deck of large vellum cards.

"Will you draw the cards? Draw the cards. How many cards will you draw? There is great fortune in the cards. Great fortune and great ruin. Above all, there is power."

Sir Vek looked with alarm at the cards. He spoke to the others. "Do not play. I'm uncertain, but I'll bet that that is a 'Deck of Many Things' there. Many a soul has come to heartbreak, death and tragedy as a result of gambling with these horrid things."

The skeleton looked at them all with its empty eye sockets. "Dartan," it hissed. "There is great power for those brave enough to draw a card. How many cards will you draw?"

Vek grabbed his shoulder. "Don't do it, Dartan."

The word "power" rang in Dartan's head like a distant chime. He opened his mouth. "I'll take four."

"FOUR!?" the party gasped.

The skeleton chuckled to itself, shuffling the cards.

More to come...

*-from Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil by Monte Cook
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FOUR ?????

Sure, I've drawn my share of cards from Decks of Many Things, one time even two at once, but that was a chaotic neutral dwarven Battle Rager (BTW, I drew The Void and the your-next-problem-will-be-solved card).

But FOUR ???

And by the way, since Monte Cook is sooo meeaaan, maybe there are no good cards left. I remember one of the powerful Greyhawk characters has such a deck...

Hope Dartan was lucky, though. *fingers crossed*

Dr Midnight

"Four has he called, and four shall he draw." It placed the deck before him. "Cut the deck." Once it was done, the skeleton picked the cards back up and spread them out on the table. "Choose your first card."

Dartan's hand hovered over the cards. He picked one up by the edge and flipped it over.


It was an image of a moon with a gentle, serene face. The skeleton looked up, smiling, and said "You have gained two wishes. Use them wisely."

The party buzzed behind Dartan. Wishes were extremely powerful- one could wish for just about anything, and provided it didn't abuse the spirit of wishing, it was likely to happen. Menerous, though disgusted with the use of the profane artifact, was astonished.

Dartan said "This isn't so bad. Why did you advise me to not play this, Vek?" He turned over another card.


The group recoiled from the sight of the hooded reaper on the card, holding his scythe. The skeleton seated behind the altar laughed and extended his arm, pointing down the corridor. The Knights all looked to see the very image of death- the Grim Reaper himself- standing twenty feet away.

He was dressed in the tattered black robes. His skull face leered from underneath his hood. In his hand was a wickedly curved scythe. He extended one hand and beckoned Dartan.

"You must defeat him or be destroyed," the skeleton cackled. Dartan put a hand to his sword hilt confidently.

"No, you can't! You can't defeat death itself in combat!" Kyla was shouting, her voice broken with fear.

Dartan sneered. "Why not? I've never feared death. What would you have me do? I have to defeat it!"

"Wish it away, Dartan," Menerous said. The earnest pleading in his voice spoke volumes about how the group felt about Dartan's chances. Dartan looked at him and sighed.

"I wish you away," he said to Death. Within and instant, the Reaper was gone.

The party sighed before remembering that Dartan had two more draws of the cards to go. He flipped over another card.


A burly man in armor appeared next to the altar. He wore a sword on his belt, had a shield on his arm. He bowed to Dartan. "My name is Toddek. My sword is at your service."

"What kind of sword?" Dartan asked. The man blinked in reply, confused.

The skeleton said "Excellent, Dartan. You have gained the service of this warrior. He will fight to the last to defend you from harm."

The fallen paladin thought that this was an excellent bargain. He flipped his last card.


"NO!" he shouted. "I already drew that one!"

The skeleton was delighted. "Every card you draw from the deck is replaced as soon as you take it. It is possible to draw the same card twice. Hard luck."

The Reaper was back- and this time he was angry. He grabbed his scythe with both hands, then thumped the butt against the ground. He readied the scythe and stood, prepared to fight.

Dartan was furious. He asked Toddek "Can you beat that thing?" Toddek looked unsure, but he drew his sword. "Only give me that chance, my lord, and I will make you proud."

Katya said "Dartan, don't be a fool! YOU have to defeat Death, remember?"

The skeleton said "She is right Dartan. You can send your new lapdog to attack, but..." it smiled.

"Damn. DAMN!!! I wish you away."

Death disappeared again.

Dartan stepped away from the altar. "Four draws and all I have to show for it is the service of a swordsman," he grumbled.

Vek looked at him scornfully. "You have taken four cards from the Deck of Many Things and lived to tell the tale. Make no mistake, foolish one- you have been extremely fortunate."

"Can we go?" Kyla asked. They turned to hurry away from the skeleton and his awful cards.

"Menerous," it hissed. "The cards hold great power. Power to bring your fondest dreams to reality." Menerous kept walking. "Power enough to bring your brother back to life." Menerous stopped. He stood.

He turned.
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