WotBS The cover that never was

Skimming through old emails, I came across this sketch that was intended for the cover of the final adventure of War of the Burning Sky. If I recall correctly the announcement of D&D 4e happened right around the time we commissioned this piece, after which our sales took a hit and we went on hiatus to reexamine our release schedule. This apparently was a casualty of that break, since it never made it to a final piece.

I'm not even sure if the artist, Jeffrey Koch (who did the cover for adventure 7 of WotBS - The Trial of Echoed Souls), is still doing art. So this is just a piece of trivia, of what could have been the cover for The Beating of the Aquiline Heart.



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I really dig sketch art and this one is really beautiful.

And looking at this version of the Flamebringer Dragon, I'm somehow getting major Red Phoenix/Blue Dragon (Suzaku/Seiryu or Zhu Que/Quing Long) vibes. Ah the nostalgia :)

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