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Relaxed Intensity

I think there are two separate questions to consider here.

1. What are the D&D family of games' competitive advantage relative to other roleplaying games?
2. What are the competitive advantages that the current official version of the game have over other games in the D&D family of games?

Other games in the D&D family include games like:
  • Pathfinder Second Edition
  • 13th Age
  • Worlds Without Number
  • Dungeon World
That share a similar scope of play, core story, and overall process of play.

I think a comparison between 5e and other D&D games (like Pathfinder Second Edition) is fundamentally different in scope to a comparison that includes games like Vampire, Exalted, Dune, Legend of the Five Rings, Vaessen, Sorcerer, and Apocalypse World.

Most games that are not part of the D&D family do have a much narrower scope of advancement for instance. They usually have characters grow more horizontally then vertically. A D&D character starts out decent in their specialized skills and like reaches the stratosphere within that domain. Most other games you tend to start out more specialized and fill in gaps over time.

For a lot of people who play other games it is a selling point that you don't have to wait to be good at your core character competency, but that limited scope often means you cannot really rely on escalation of stakes in the same way you can in D&D games.

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