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I wrote a product, here is a synopsis!

Deep in the Evermoors, a troll shaman disillusioned with the preachings of Vaprak's faithful came upon a surprising discovery while searching through ruins of a long forgotten human settlement: a Dark God in a Well. Or at least, that's what she claimed.
The Dark God in the Well is a strange encounter for those foolish enough to brave the troll infested lands of the Sword Coast North. Recommended for 4-5 8th level players.
Great for use as a One Shot, a fleshed out random encounter, or a side quest!
What do you get in this PDF?
  • A Short Adventure: This adventure can be easily dropped into any game. Personally, I think it can kick up Storm King's Thunder, Out of the Abyss, or Ghosts of Saltmarsh a little bit if you are into some awesome premade adventures. It was written with Forgotten Realms flavor, but that can be easily changed.
  • A New Monster: The dreaded Troll Shaman. I have purchased a fair amount of Monster Manual type books and there are no spellcasting trolls!
  • New Variant Rules: Do you struggle with skill based encounters? Check out the system I use under the Escape section!
  • A Good Time: Ok, that may sound presumptuous, but I can say we sure had a blast. I bet you will too!